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 Hair spray

Hair lacquer, spritz, or sticky water is other names for hair spray. Hair spray is not only the water soluble spray for making hair wet which you see in traditional salons but today the shampoos and conditions with gels are available in spray forms for convenient use. Today it is cosmetic product which is sprayed on the hair to keep the hair style intact and stiff for long time especially for any occasion. In a pump and aerosol spray nozzle you can dispense the spray from.
Hair spray

Composition of hair spray

The hair root while spraying become stiff due to the family of ingredients Pytocalcious causing an increase in amount of hair roots texture and this will also keep the hair style intact for long time. Hair sprays are very effective and last minute styling for any event.

Kinds of hair sprays

There are many types of hair sprays available in market today. The most traditional way to hold the hair intact is the hair spray. To hold the hair do last longer for events women use it for their permed of curled hair. No matter how thin or thick your hair is but the different types of hair sprays keep the hair styles intact same as in morning and evenings. But today many people are opting to prefer other styling contemporary options like the gels, mousse.

Making of hair sprays

So do you sometimes wonder that how hair spray is made up of and what it contains?

It is basically a solution of polymers which is mixed with other kinds of liquids. Water and alcohol are the other substituents. The individual strands of hair are well coated when the polymer solution is sprayed on person’s hair is mist. The polymer is retained on the hair and the liquid evaporates. The stiff bond keeps the hair intact just perfect into place. After 2 days also if you run the comb or brush on hair then also the style is kept same for some extent.

Many years before, shellac like ingredients was used in hair sprays. But now its not found as it was sticky and difficult to remove with one shampoo and also it was said that ingredient can cause cancer so it was immediately banned.

Varieties in hair sprays:

Light hold, medium hold and super hold are the 3 different types. The difference lies in the polymer droplets of each size varying as per the formulas. Bottle sprayer also regulates the size of the polymers.

The holding power of the spray is more and firmer with large size of polymer droplets. Hence, the super old variety as big droplets and the light hold has smallest droplets.

Uses of hair sprays

There are many other alternative uses of hair sprays than just holding the desired contours hair style which are not easily mentioned in other house old uses.

  • Hair spray being sticky substance can be used to provide the ornamental shine and fixtures for stiffening the fabrics.
  • Tangle prevention of the stocking:  The undergarment strands can stiffen by applying the hair spray. A stocking will have hair spray covering which will make the stocking ladder and it very tangle resistant.
  • Zipper Stiffener: If the zippers are attached to tight pair of jeans then they have tendency to unzip. So if you want to avoid the embarrassment in public for loose zippers then one can use hairspray to hold it fix. The active constituent in the spray will harden the zipper teeth’s grip that will lower the chance of a mishap.
  • Fur remover: When the fur is scattered on the floor then it is very hard to pick it up, isn’t it? To avoid this instance you can spray good amount of spray on the scattered fur and on some tissue. The stickiness will definitely capture all the pesky fur particles and hold it.
  • Lint remover: The fabrics look very old and stylish with the lint. With little help from conventional hairstyling solution you can restore your wardrobe in fashionable condition. After rubbing the spray of the rag the fabric will turn spotless.

Advantages and disadvantages

  1. Hair sprays will hold the hair style perfect and this will keep the hair style perfectly intact for long time due to the polymers.
  2. Try not to use aerosol hair spray as this will make you wash hair several times and it’s even bad for environment.
  3. If you do not wash it regularly then the chemicals may dry out the hair.

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