reduce body fat - Exercise Routine to reduce body fat

 Exercise Routine to reduce body fat

 Advantages or Overview of exercise keeping us healthy daily

Want to gain more energy or feel better or perhaps want to live longer? If yes, then with the help of routine exercises there is no looking behind. People must have come across various doctors, dieticians or health freak persons praising about the health benefits of regular exercises to reduce unwanted body fat. 

Engaging in any form of physical activity, whether light or vigorous, is beneficial for an individual. It promotes overall health and encourages an active lifestyle. As per various health experts every individual must indulge themselves in trying new activities or find out various ways to add exercise into their daily routine. Physical activity or routine exercises are important to the mental and physical health of any individual (including senior citizens). There is no harm for a person to be physically active, on the other hand physically fit person can enjoy doing their own things and stay independent. On a long run basis routine physical activity can produce various health benefits.

 Routine exercise helps to maintain weight loss or prevent excess weight. When a person gets involved with any sort of physical activity they are bound to burn calories. More intense is the physical activity more is the calories you burn. Also exercise helps to combats various health diseases and health conditions. People suffering from high blood pressure can get relief by doing regular exercise. Also,  exercise boost energy, manage various health concerns such as depression, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, falls, arthritis, etc.


Cardiovascular Exercise

Like most people, cardiovascular exercise is referred as aerobic exercise, whereas for some they are known as cardio. Cardiovascular exercise is followed with large muscles and stronger lungs and heart. Cardiovascular exercise has other health benefits such as reducing body blood pressure, burning lots of calories, increasing bone density, reducing stress, emperor relief from anxiety and depression, better sleep, more energy and setting a good life style.


Interval Training

Interval training is one of the latest concepts among health conscious or fitness freak person. Interval training is a process where a person can either increase or decrease the intensity of their workout in-between anaerobic and aerobic training. The entire process is involved with pushing the body into the aerobic threshold and then bringing back to their aerobic conditioning level. During the entire process check on speed endurance and strength is maintain.


Strength Training

As it has been proved that certain type of exercise could bring strength to your bones, improve your balance or benefit your hearth. They are also known to reduce body weight and make a person feel better. As per various strength training programs, this technique can do more than what expected! The entire process is not just about bodybuilders lifting weights; it is all about ensuring perfect health. Strength training programme is essential among people suffering from severe heart condition or arthritis. Also, strength training protects, muscle mass, bone health, makes a person stronger and fitter, improves isotonic or isometric resistance, induce better body mechanics, prevent various disease, improves your mood and boost up ones energy.


Oblique Exercise

Various ab training programs eliminates the most important part of their routine exercise i.e. oblique exercise. As per health experts or physical trainers you cannot gain a complete 6 packs without working on obliques.  Most people have been seen bending on bicycle or giving crunches, however both are not very effective. Your ab workouts will double up if you seek expert’s advice. The best part of oblique exercise is, they can be carried out while watching TV or performed at the end of a regular workout. Top five oblique exercises include quick squats, bar rotations, bicycle crunch, hula hoop and side leg lifts. Oblique exercise is referred by various names including abdominal sides, love handles, muffin tops, etc.


Yogic Exercise

Yoga has the most health benefit among all mental and physical therapy. The process of aging is mainly caused due to self poisoning or autointoxication can be eliminate by practising yoga. Yogic exercise is all about cleaning and inducing body flexibility. Yoga is known for reducing  the process of cell deterioration.  Yoga in combination of yogasanas, meditation and pranayama works wonder for good health. As per medical scientists, yogic exercise is believed to be the-best among all other form of routine exercises as it help to balance the endocrine systems and the nervous systems, that eventually influences all other organs and system of the body. Yoga helps to attain mental peace, ensure relaxed state and improve concentration powers.

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