when is it better to workout : morning or night ?

 when is it better to workout?

We are all different: someone, having barely opened their eyes, is ready to change a warm bed to a fitness mat , and for someone even just getting up in the morning is already a feat, but in the evening these people are ready not only to turn mountains, but also to get to the gym. So how is it right? And  what training will bring our body more benefits? Let’s figure it out.

 when is it better to workout

evening is wiser or vice vers?

First you need to understand exactly what you want from the workout: burn extra centimeters or, conversely, build up these very centimeters. These are fundamentally different exercises, implying different metabolic processes, because for the body it is difficult to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

Cardio workouts for weight loss are aerobic (require the consumption of oxygen by the cells) and strength exercises for muscle growth are anaerobic. In the first case, efficiency increases with a low level of glucose in the blood (this literally makes the body use fat reserves), while strength training in such conditions is impossible.

In short, morning workouts are ideal for weight loss, while in the evening it is better to focus on muscle growth, unless, of course, you still have the strength to train intensively after a working day. But there are exceptions, let’s look in more details.

It’s hard to get up in the morning, but you want to lose weight.

For the most part, not many can find time in the morning for a full workout . This is because at this time the body simply does not have enough energy – the glycogen stores in the muscles and the blood sugar level are minimal. That is why slow cardio in the early morning leads to the fastest weight loss. By slow we mean not a short intense workout, but a moderate pace of exercise or running at a low heart rate lasting 30-40 minutes. And yes, no breakfast! Start digestion by drinking a glass of water, and start a full breakfast half an hour after the end of the workout.

Is it possible to build muscle in the morning.

As we already said, in the morning the body has nowhere to take energy for a full-fledged workout, which is why it is so important to have a heavy breakfast an hour and a half before strength exercises . Unfortunately, not many people have the opportunity to wait so much time, so sports nutrition comes to the rescue.

 But if morning is the only time you can afford to train, then immediately after waking up you need to drink a portion of the gainer, and after half an hour start the main training.

Regardless of which of these two types of morning exercise you choose, it is important to have a full breakfast after the strength training and provide the muscles with not only carbohydrates and proteins, but also vitamins and minerals. For a successful mass gain, you need to close the carbohydrate window – the body will receive the necessary calories from lunch.

If you are getting time only in evening.

Unfortunately, training late at night is a bad choice anyway, even if by the end of the day you feel a surge of strength and energy. The presence of glucose in the blood will block fat burning, total fatigue per day will not allow you to conduct strength training with maximum impact, and intensive exercises may lead to sleep issues due to heightened activity in the central nervous system.

If you don’t manage to switch to the morning regimen, but still want to train and see the results of your work, plan a plentiful meal 2 hours before the evening strength training, but keep in mind that after that you will still need to close the carbohydrate window and dinner time. In order not to violate the regime, the last meal should be no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. Be sure to consider this point when drawing up your schedule. If you prefer to get extra calories from sports nutrition, then pay attention to the composition, make sure that it does not have caffeine and other stimulants that disturb sleep.

Yes, getting the perfect body is not so easy, but if you follow a few rules, you can get your dream figure in a fairly short time. The main thing in this matter is motivation and desire, and remember, training should be a pleasure, then fitness will not only bring results, but will also become an integral part of your life.

At last i would like to mention that apart from workout stick to your diet plan. Without diet plan no workout will be effective.


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