Hair Removal By Waxing

Hair Removal By Waxing

It is often inconvenient and uncomfortable to wear strings and strands of hair all over your body. Yeah sure, locks and curls of hair can look really great on your head. However, you would feel incredibly hot and suffocated in hot weather with all that hair on your arms and legs. There are obviously many ways of removing hair from your limbs and legs. However, some ways can be quite tedious and also painful. One of the rare ways of hair removal, which is less time consuming, is the hair removal by the means of waxing. You can also get your hair removed with waxing. Below, we will look at hair removal by waxing in more detail. We will see how waxing is done, what are its benefits and what are its hazards.


How Is It Done?

Waxing primarily involves the application of wax. Wax includes a whole group of compounds and chemicals derived from both organic and artificial materials. Hot wax is used mainly in all types of hair waxing. The barbers and stylists would apply a strip of hot wax on the skin to be cleaned. The strip of wax is then pressed firmly. As a final movement, the strip is pulled off. This action removes the hair completely from the exposed area.

Usually, wet and liquid wax is used after heating. The heat of wet wax removes the hair from the roots. Regrowth of hair can occur within two to eight weeks from the time of hair removal. There are variants of this technique of waxing. On occasions, hard wax is applied on the skin. In this method, liquid wax is allowed to cool and solidify on the skin. Then, the hard wax is scraped away with the hair.


Different Types Of Waxing

There are many different types of hair waxing and removal methods. Most of the types can be classified according to the respective area of hair removal. Commonly, people prefer to wax their legs and hands. However, in certain cases, waxing can be done on specific parts of the body. Waxing can also be done in parts like the chest, abdomen, underarms and thighs. These have strong skin and can resist the effect of waxing. However, certain parts of the body have sensitive skin, such as the eye lashes, brows and so on. You can remove hair in such areas, with the above mentioned technique of using hard wax.


The Advantages Of Waxing

In comparison to many other chemical treatments, waxing has many beneficial advantages and benefits. One of the advantages is that it is not very harmful. Though a bit painful, waxing is quite safe. This is because waxing does not harm or interrupt the normal growth of hair. The hair can grow back in a matter of two to eight weeks. However, the impact of hair waxing is quite durable. The waxed area can remain clean and hair free for quite some time. In the usual shaving and hair removal techniques, the area does not stay clean-shaved for long. This is because these methods remove hair from the surface and not from roots. Waxing is therefore quite effective and long lasting.


The Problems Of Waxing

While hair removal through waxing can be quite smooth and efficient, it has its own share of problems and pitfalls. These pitfalls can also be somewhat hazardous. One thing is that the entire waxing process is somewhat painful. When the strips of wax are pulled out suddenly, then you can feel some pain. This might not be a major concern. However, if you wax your sensitive areas, then the pain can be quite severe. Sometimes, when the wax strips are pulled in the wrong direction, it could adversely affect the functioning of your hair follicles and cuticles. As a result, your hair may not regrow fully. Moreover, such damage can only create unusual growth of hair.


Precautions To Be Taken

It may be agreed that hair waxing can be quite painful and troublesome. However, if you take certain precautions, you can avoid the hazards of hair waxing. Before you wax a particular part of your body, make sure that the skin is firm, clean and free from marks or spots. Often, diseased or pimpled skin is more sensitive to the pain of waxing. Also, thin skin is likely to face the damage of waxing techniques.

You should also take some consequent steps after waxing is done. You can apply some disinfectant or skin lotion, so as to prevent the risks of any infections. You should also emphasize on the hygiene of your waxing work. Take care that the waxing strip are clean and germ free. 

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