Circulatory problems in foot

 Circulatory problems in foot

Gravity helps in the best way to pull the blood to the feet of human body but it doesn’t ensures a return trip because the major arteries of foot are far away from the heart in human beings. Many of the circulatory problems initially are evident in the feet.

The arteries helps in carrying blood away from the heart and on the other hand the veins carry the blood returning to the heart of human body and lungs for nutrients for regeneration and oxygen-after the bloods supply of oxygen has been used up to nourish the body tissues.

Causes of Circulatory problems in foot

Circulatory problems are very much linked up with a single cause. Rather it is experienced that they usually come as a consequence of risk factor which may be multiple. It is common as the person experiences the hardening of the arteries which becomes more common and it ultimately results in the poor circulation incidence. It somewhat depends upon the gender of the person as it plays an important role in determining certain circulatory problems in foot. For instance, in developing vericose veins it is commonly seen that women are more likely than men. Nowadays many problems related to circulatory disorders run in families. Lifestyle of a person also yields significant influence. Obesity, prolonged periods of sitting or standing, smoking are some of the risk factors which are linked up with a poor circulation. As generally people do with high blood sugar women who are taking birth-control pills exhibits a higher incidence of circulatory problems.


It can include the following:

  • Muscle fatigue, cramp like pain, pain in the legs, the blood vessels in your calves, fat, thighs or hips can be able to block because of hardening of the arteries.
  • After exposure to cold weather any part of the body such as toe, finger or other that feels numb can become red and painful once warned then the person could be suffering from frostbite.


You should daily go on bike rides as this will enhance circulation in your legs. Simple exercises should be preferred such as arm windmills to get the flowing of blood elsewhere.

If one is using birth-control pills then he should try to switch over to another type of contraception. The person should stay away from over the counter decongestants as it can increase blood pressure and the heart rate as it also affects constrict blood vessels.

Home Treatment

The only path which is going to helps in improving circulation usually starts at home itself. People who are suffering from problems related to circulation have many treatment options available beyond self-improvement measures. One should take the time just to learn about

the options and then only he should decide which treatment program will work best for him.

The doctor needs to diagnose the underlying cause or the reason of the patient’s health or circulatory disorder so before his suggestion on the treatment, he can help in this process by providing the details to his family medical history, personal medical history and his lifestyle too.

Circulatory problem in diabetes

The greater the risk of developing circulatory trouble if one is having high blood sugar. In most of the cases, a doctor usually advises the patient to do the regular aerobic exercises and he also advises him to follow the program of good nutrition. A doctor may suggest or force him to lose weight and to abandon old habits which interfere with circulation. If in any case a patient is bothered by inflammation or swelling then the

doctor may suggest preferring a daily dose of aspirin that inhibits the clotting of blood.

Other treatments

Treatment options range for the cases which are more severe begins from drug therapy to surgery. Most of the doctors prescribe pentoxifylline for the improvement of

smooth flow of blood to the extremities. A procedure named as angioplasty, a small catheter is inserted by a doctor into a blocked blood vessel and inflate a tiny balloon to widen the channel. The other technique which is adopted by the doctors is rotational atherectomy. In that process a tiny diamond-studded drill is used to break up deposits in peripheral blood vessels.


If anyone is having a painful foot problem due to circulatory problems in foot then it should be diagnosed immediately to the best health care provider or a foot specialist. Some of the most common foot problems are:

  • foot arthritis.
  • bunions.
  • foot arch problem.
  • bone spur or any foot problem.
  • planter fasciitis.
  • circulation problem in the foot.

Regardless of what he suspects may be the result of his aches and soreness.

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