Hair weaving

 Hair weaving

Hair weaving————————–Hair entangling

The process in which the natural human hair is being covered with the synthetic hairs to enhance the appearance of new natural hairs is called Hair weaving. This process is done to enhance the appearance of natural hair by adding unnatural weaves which look authentic and graceful too. Remy hair is the highest quality hair extension done till far. This resembles to the shingles on the roof. Remy air cuticle flows in the same direction and looks very natural too, the cuticle layer becomes very important when the long natural hair with tangling with few synthetic weaves. As the cuticle hair is lying flat so the hair reflects shine and looks bouncy too.

 Hair weaving

Hair weaving technique can surely lengthen your hair, add volume and add lot of thickness and volume to hair by adding lot of fashion colors to hair as the chemicals will also not damage the hair strength. The addition of color to natural hair is done on each respective strand making it extend. Sew in another type of application. The process in which glue is used to fix the natural hair is called as weft hair and this is specifically made for hair weaves. Hair weaves look great on short hair. You can remove the glue with good shampoo and conditioner as this will remove the real hair.

What is it all about?

Hair weaving is artificial hair styling procedure. This will make the strands look great and the weaves done on the hair are also wavy and bouncy. Now let’s see non remy hair wefts. This is also called as the fallen hair. The roots and tips of the hair are well mixed tangling the most inexpensive hair strand and convert natural and synthetic hairs as the best seller.

Non-remy hair is available in two kinds as follows:

The normal hair weaving is done with this inexpensive type of hair. The cuticles are present in different sections and hence hair is prone to tangling.

The hair is obtained by the shaving the cuticle or the hair ends. It reduces the hair friction and hence the hair becomes tangle free. Hair weaves effectively. It imparts very natural look to hair and leaves no stains rather makes the hair very soft and shiny.

Synthetic hair

A wide array of synthetic fibers comprise of synthetic hairs. It is just human hair and the weave comes in single strands or multiple depending upon the kind of hair weaving is to be done. The quality of the hair during the process of weaving will vary greatly as it gets quickly damaged by the sun if not maintained with relevant conditioners and shampoos. On the synthetic hairs the heating appliances like curling irons and straightness should never be used. But today the new versions of the hair allow styling of hair weaving done with simple strands at low temperatures.

Human hair

Here the hair shaft is made up of keratin that is dead, hard protein. The inner layer is known as the medulla. Cortex is the next layer and the outer layer is called as cuticle. Majority of the hair shaft is made up by the cortex. The cuticle is affected by most of the hair conditioning products. The hair color in air weaving process is due to the pigment cells which are distributed throughout the cortex and medulla. During the hair weaving process the human hair is fused with the unnatural weaves and the color will differentiate you among the crowd easily.

Techniques for hair weaving

There are many kinds of hair weaving techniques and the most ideal way is to sew the hair strands with natural hairs. The corn rows or the heating appliances can be used to fuse the hair segments into small portions of hair.


This is very popular technique of hair weaving as special glue is used to fix the woven hair with natural hair strands and the adhesive used can also spoil the hair quality. This will not damage your natural hair as the hair will affect the roots of the scalp and the weaves should be removed by the stylist only. Soft bond is the weave which dries in consistency of rubber glue and the hard bond which dries in the consistency of crazy glue.


In the tracking hair weaving process the tresses are initially braided around the head in the concentric circles down the hair scalp and then braids are sewn down the extensions. Nearly eight to fifteen tracks are sewn down the hair line of full head. You should care for this style as you will require washing it every week


A machine similar to the glue gun issued to fuse the synthetic strands with the natural hair to make it look part of the free flowing process. Various sections of the hair are divided and then hair weaving is done effectively.


In this process the natural tresses under the thin and breathable net which will serve as flat surface used by stylist to net the extensions into the hair.

Tree braiding

With the help of cornrow the artificial hair is incorporated into client’s natural hair and the basic hair length is 24 inch hair.

Clip-in and clip-on hair extensions

This technique will weave the hair with clips as the hair will be sewn with the natural hair.

How to Maintain Hair Weaves

Washing hair once in week without rubbing the hair weaves is best way to maintain hair with the use of conditioners and shampoos.

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