Conditioned Hair : Conditioned Hair to Add to your Charm

 Conditioned Hair to Add to your Charm

Conditioned hair is one that has shiny moisturized strands. It is soft and flexible. That means conditioned strands enhance the beauty or the charm of one’s hair. However, not all are fortunate enough to possess a naturally conditioned hair. Then, there are certain times of the year, like the winter season, that make the hair to lose moisture and become dry. Annoying days indeed! But, there is a solution to the problem too!

There are certainly ways to retain moisture in the hair or to make the hair have a conditioned look. Avoid doing things that might damage your hair and try to follow the ones that add to the health of hair.

Conditioning once a week

Sun, wind, cold and heat are some of the factors that tend to damage hair. However healthy the hair may be it is prone to get damaged because of these factors. Conditioning helps protect hair from damage. Make it a point to take conditioning treatment for your hair at least once every week.

Damage due to UV rays

Then, there are the UV rays from the Sun that damage hair greatly. To avoid this you can look to products like sprays, mousses and gels claiming to block Ultra Violet Rays.

What are conditioners?

Conditioners are nothing but moisturizers meant solely for hair. They are meant to protect the hair after it is washed using a shampoo. This is because they contain lubricants and protein. Shampoo causes the hair to lose oil. This needs to be replaced and this is what the conditioners do.

Using conditioners

Whichever may be the type of conditioner you use you needn’t use more than the size of a coin. Take the conditioner in the palms and smooth over the strands of hair with the palms and leave for a minimum of five minutes.

Care should be taken not to apply shampoo to the roots of the hair.

Instant conditioners

Instant conditioners are the best products to retain moisture in the hair. As is known, shampoos we use to wash our hair contain drying detergents. These cause the hair to lose moisture and look pale and dull. Application of instant conditioner over wet hair forms a film on each strand of hair locking in the moisture. Thus, the danger of the hair losing moisture can be effectively combated. They make the hair soft and moist and easily manageable.  Experts advise individuals with oily hair to apply conditioner only on the ends of the strands of hair.

Protein conditioners

Use of protein conditioners helps the damaged hair to look thicker, smoother and shiny. The point worth mentioning about these is that they tend to fill in the cracks that appear in the cuticle, when the later is damaged due to one reason or the other.

Using detangling conditioners

After we wash our hair with a shampoo it tends to get tangled and thus unmanageable. There are conditioners called Detangling Conditioners or the Smoothing Conditioners. As their name suggests they help each strand of the hair to remain separate und untangled. Another advantage with these conditioners is that they add to the thickness of the strands of hair.

Masques-the dry hair conditioners

Dry hair and damaged hairs need conditioners that provide deep conditioning benefits. Masques are the conditioners that are used to treat such hair. They need to be applied on hair and left for a longer time. An added advantage with these is that they add volume to the hair that is thin.


Individuals with thin flyaway hair should go in for leave-in conditioners. The user needs to apply this conditioner immediately after washing the hair.  However, care should be taken while applying conditioners on to the hair. Application of these on the scalp is to be strictly avoided. The hair shaft and the ends of the strands are the only parts where these need to be applied.

Conditioners according to hair type

Different kinds of hair require different kinds of conditioners. The individual should carefully consider certain important points about the hair before deciding on the conditioner to be used. These are the texture of the hair, the density and the quality.

People with curly hair and coarse hair should go for strong conditioners. This is because strong conditioners open the cuticle.

An individual with silky hair should select light leave in conditioners while those with dry hair need extra and specific conditioners.

Then, there are certain things that act as very good conditioners on hairs of all types. Egg and Yoghurt fall under this category.

Now, it is for you to choose the type of conditioner to take care of your hair and send it waving down while shining all the while.

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