Dry Hair : Reasons and Remedies

 Reasons and Remedies For Dry Hair

There are numerous factors which make hair dry, but the main reason varies person to person as each one of them has different tolerance to environment, hair products etc. still the most dominant factor for dry hair ever studied is overexposure to heat. Hairs are living cells without nerve cells, so we don’t feel any type of sensation that harms to them. We just mark the difference after any reaction happens.


Reasons for dry hair


Heat removes the moisture that lay along the hairline, causing the hair cells release more water particles to the surface to maintain equilibrium. In this way the cells tend to have inadequate water for further moisturising resulting in dry hair.


Dust particles

The dust particles present in wind also absorb the moistures if the environment is dusty leaving no place for the cells to breathe. Other source includes water. It may be ground water or surface water, amount of chlorine and calcium also affect the hair structure.



Surface water sources may have the chemical extracts of local industries and ground water by default contains many unwanted minerals. Though we take ground water for our primary water intake, still there are some extra unwanted minerals those affect our body parts along with hair place to place.


Water composition

The water composition having chlorine, calcium and hair treatment products having peroxide bleach, colour developer, hair relaxer may lead to uncontrollably fizzy and dry hair.


Minerals in ground water

So hair products which have the chemicals least mentioned above should be chosen. Sometimes hard water stands as a major problem for hair drying. The ground water is the deposition of rain water through the soil and on its path it crosses many layers of minerals. So as a result ground water contains many minerals. When these minerals are used with the hair products, they react with different compositions and the reaction products may have adverse effects but the hair products don’t work for sure because the chemicals get absorbed by the minerals. Surface water contains lesser minerals but only if the surrounding of the source is clean. In case any industry is there, then the surface water source may have the dissolving materials from the waste products.


Rainy water

These days the rain water usually becomes acidic (below pH: 7) due to industrialisation. So it’s dissolving capacity increases to some extent. The risky part is that if relatively acidic water comes in direct contact with the hair, then the losses may take months to heal. Along with moisture, lack of one more thing contributes to the dryness of hair that is oil. Oil normally helps in maintaining the sheen and texture. Other causes causing dryness include excessive washing, alcohol intake, malnutrition, parathyroid and thyroid (under-reactive).


Basic treatment for dry hair

The basic treatment for the hair dryness should be at home at first. In most of the cases the hair regains its originality with the basic treatments. One should make shampoo less frequently; it will be best if done twice a week. It is better to use conditioners after shampoo and avoid blow dryers & harsh styling products during the treatment. One should go for outdoor prescription, tests if any effective result is not noticed within a certain period.


Using hair wash products

Hair wash products may or may not be friendly to the hair, so each new product should be tested by applying a little of it on a part of the hair line. Some products show completely opposite effects so this approach will be the best. One more thing should be kept in mind that if all the hair products would be from same manufacturer then it will be the most suitable combination. A certain company makes all its products keeping the feasibility of each product with other ones. So there is no chance of reaction of compositions in between any products.


Malnutrition and deficiency

When the hairline becomes dry, they become brittle and break easily. If malnutrition is the main cause of hair dryness, then it can be easily deduce that the person facing this problem is not healthy at all. Some vitamin and antioxidant intake may solve the problem. If it is due to any hormonal misbalance, specialists should be contacted. May be this is the symptom of any severe syndrome. Hair dryness is the primary stage which later on leads to hair loss. From the very beginning all the precautions should be taken otherwise it would be very late to control the situation. Be aware about the chemical compositions of the products you are using, if that product doesn’t work then go for another product not having the chemicals of the first one.

Self consciousness is what that makes self satisfied beauties. Learn from every product and its result, you will not need any visit to any specialist at all.


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