Hair Removal by Electrolysis

 Hair Removal by Electrolysis

We all know the significance and problems of the waxing of human hair. It is nevertheless agreed that waxing can be quite effective and long lasting. However, it should be remembered that hair removal by the means of waxing does not create a permanent effect. Your removed hair will keep regrowing again and again. For a permanent solution to such problems, you can opt for electrolysis of your hair. Electrolysis is one of the modern and advanced solutions, which end up disrupting the normal growth of unwanted hair on your body. This is quite a revolution in the science of hair removal. It needs to be discussed in detail, with respect to its benefits and shortcomings. Let’s have a glimpse at electrolysis of hair.

How It Is Done

As the name suggests, electrolysis is all about the power of electric current. Electric current is mainly used to stop the growth of undesired and unnecessary hair in the body. However, chemicals or high temperatures can also create an electrolysis of human hair. The procedure commences with the insertion of a fine probe into the follicles of hair. This probe can contain either chemicals or electric current. In the advanced and permanent form of electrolysis, current is passed through the probes. This current destroys the follicles, which are responsible for the growth of new hair.

Some Other Facts

In the early days of electrolysis of hair, people would have to visit the saloons and hair care centers to get their unwanted hairs removed permanently. Nowadays, electric tweezers and probes are available for domestic use. However, they pale in comparison to the advanced treatment in saloons and parlors. It should be remembered that electrolysis of hair cannot be completed in a single treatment. The individual would require a series of such processes to completely stop the growth of unwanted hair. It is true that the hair removal is permanent.

Myths of Electrolysis

There are many myths and wrong beliefs about the integrity of the technique of electrolysis of hair. These misconceptions and wrong beliefs do not have any concrete evidence for them. Many are under the wrong impression that electrolysis of hair is quite painful. However, as the true users of the technique would know rightly, there is little or no pain and discomfort in the process of hair removal by the means of electric current and chemicals. There is only a little feeling of vibration in the skin that is all.

Another myth is that people think that the domestic hair tweezers are the permanent cure for your unwanted hair. Tweezers have been invented for your domestic use. They use mild electric current in comparison to the electric current in the main electrolysis machines. So, there is little or no chance that the tweezers are of any efficiency. They are not recognized to be the permanent solution for the unwanted hair. Therefore, it would be necessary to undertake an electrolysis treatment for your hair.


Benefits of Electrolysis of Hair

When it comes to the removal of unwanted hair, few techniques or technologies can match up to the  pitfalls of electrolysis your hair. This is simply one of the most convenient and comfortable techniques of removing your hair completely without any comebacks. Electrolysis involves no pain at all. All you will feel is a slight electric sensation. The next advantage is that it is completely harmless. Unlike other chemical based ways to remove hair temporarily, this method is almost safe without any side effects. Then, the process of electrolysis does not have any issues about sensitive skin. It can also be used for removing hair from sensitive surfaces. Thus, it has many benefits over other conventional treatments.

Problems and Precautions

Being far more safe and reliable than most other hair removal strategies, hair electrolysis is of great virtues. However, such virtues do not make it entirely foolproof and flawless. Often, the treatment of probes turns out to be a little uncomfortable and painful for people. Also, people make wrong choices in choosing the electrologists, who will actually perform the electrolysis processes. The wrong choice can only add to the tedious sessions and more discomfort for people.

However, you can take some care and caution in choosing hair electrologists. You should check out if the electrologists are qualified and experienced enough. You can also gain some advice about electrolysis and other electric hair removal methods. These steps can help to avoid the pitfalls of electrolysis. Make sure that you are adopting any of these above mentioned process to enjoy healthy hair.

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