Reverse hair loss

 Reverse hair loss

What is it??

Today hair loss problems are very common in men and women both. But they are preventable and can be treated these days due to many advanced hair technology procedures. Generally the male baldness is considered to be hereditary but today many developments in medical field can stimulate hair growth and reverse hair loss. The basic hair loss can be treated effectively by just moderating the diet and simple change in behavior.


How to reverse hair loss with basic understanding

There is no such magic today that the lush and thick hair will crop up immediately. But today seeing the hair loss reforms we are not far from the air evolution instantly.

Today the hair loss can be caused by many factors but the baldness in men is more than 40%. The baldness in women is very less than men. It is very distressful condition for several men and women and this can also cause psychological problems. But the scientific developments have made the baldness treatments very effective and easily the hair loss condition can be reversed.


Causes of hair loss

Today the causes of Hair loss are varied like:

  • Imbalance in hormones
  • Illness
  • Poor diet
  • Hygiene
  • Stress and drug abuse

Let’s study the three stages of hair loss to exactly know how hair stops to see how the hair grows actually.

  1. First stage is (Anagen): In this new hair is produced where the hair growth occurs for long time.
  2. Catagen (Regressive) stage is the next stage where the hair stops growing but is not yet shed completely.
  3. In the final stage (Telogen) the hair eventually falls out and the new hair growth begins. In the typical pattern baldness the hair follicles miniaturizes the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). It is very gradual process and the result is hair growth in the number of short hairs that are barely visible just above the scalp. One can block the DHT and increase the healthy hair growth while the various treatments of the hair can be administered. No perfect hair loss treatment is standard for everyone but varies as per specific situations. The best hair loss products that are tailored for hair loss treatments as per individual circumstances.

Hair vitamins: These products contain all the proven vitamins and many minerals are required for the thickest and fullest hair growth.

Hair and Scalp Cleaners: Such products will provide good hair care with scalp hygiene and nutrition making the reverse hair loss work.


3 Effective Proven ways for reverse Hair Loss


The lack of blood flow to the scalp is major cause of hair loss. This will cause the capillaries to shrink down and the muscle tension of scalp. Hence it’s advised to reverse the body tension and provide more blood flow to the scalp. You can hang over your half body off the bed edge. Hang the upper half of the body towards the ground with flat belly and the bed being the lowest point. . You can even prop up your legs on the chair and lie down easily. You should just lie very flat on the floor and fix the ankle and craves on the seat of the chair at just 90 degree.



Human is what they eat well. You work with the nutrients you feed your body with. If you have an oily scalp then the fat is not so good. You can take multi vitamins like biotin and zinc the very essential for hair growth.


Vital energy

Human body runs on vital energy and this is universal truth. In India it is known as Prana. In Chinese Yang energy is hot like fire and thin hair people have this in excess. So one should eat cooling ingredients like the fruits, vegetables, tofu, avocado, tomatoes, celery, bananas etc in their diet.


How to treat reverse hair loss??

  • Too much of hair styling and hair stress techniques should be avoided. Do not also use stiff braiding, perms or roller treatments that results in traction alopecia especially in women.
  • Hair loss in both the sexes is due to lack of minerals and essential vitamins. The diet related hair loss should be initially diagnosed and if generalized then one can experience fatigue and illness. You can even prevent some hair loss from nutrition by eating healthy diet including multivitamin or supplements of zinc.
  • Reverse hair loss can also be due to the fungal scalp infections. You can check for common infection known as ringworm of the skin and then treat with anti fungal medication. You can even allow hair re-growth for covering the baldness naturally.

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