Collard Green Leaves

Collard Green Leaves

Nutritious and Energy Packed Vegetable

If you want to live for many years without facing diseases and physical weakness, you will have to build up your body and mind properly.  Men suffer from various types of physical disorders. They neglect their health because of lack of knowledge and consciousness. For this reason, you must be a good decision maker to plan intelligently how to bring energy back to your body so that the level of your physical competency increases to assist you to perform more efficiently. Collard greens vegetables are meant for those who are really in need of proteins, vitamins and essential nutrients.  They will be benefited vastly by eating these well-known vegetables. Collard greens look like cabbages which are leafy. This verdant vegetable is accessible in the market.You should do proper research how to make the perfect usage of this fresh vegetable for making your body more resilient and competent.

 Collard Green Leaves

Composition of Collard Green in 100 grams

Collard Green Leaves

Nutrition per value in 100gm




2.45 (g)

Fat Total

0.42 (g)


5.69 (g)

Fiber - Total

3.60 (g)

Sugar - Total

0.46 (g)


145.00 (mg)


0.19 (mg)


9.00 (mg)


169.00 (mg)


20.00 (mg)


0.13 (mg)


0.04 (mg)


0.28 (mg)


1.30 (mg)

Vitamin C

35.30 (mg)


0.05 (mg)


0.13 (mg)


0.74 (mg)

Vitamin B6

0.17 (mg)

Folate - Total

166.00 (mcg)

Food - Folate

166.00 (mcg)

Folate - DFE

166.00 (mcg_DEF)

Vitamin B12

0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin A

6668.00 (IU)


0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin E

2.26 (mg)

Vitamin K

510.80 (mcg)

Fat - Saturated

0.06 (g)

Fat - Monounsaturated


Fat - Polyunsaturated

0.20 (g)


0.00 (mg)


Health Benefits of Collard Greens- An Overview:

There are a number of health benefits if you opt for collard leaves for the preparation of nutritious food.  According to doctors, it is one of the cost effective low cab food item.

Check LDL Cholesterol:

Collard green leaves are laden with fiber which minimizes the severity of LDL cholesterol in blood. However, you will have to abide by doctor’s instructions regarding the amount of collard leaves for eating at lunch and dinner tables.

Prevent Colon Cancer and Other Diseases:

Collard can be eaten regularly to build up excellent resistance power in the body to control the onset of colon cancer, acute bowel disorder problem and hemorrhoid disorder. Colon cancer is destructive and it directly dampens then digestive track and other organs in the abdominal section. That’s why; you will have to choose collard green vegetables for making your body more competent.

Collard to Enhance Synthesis among DNA Cells:

Collard leaves are helpful to people to bring uniformity in the synthesis of DNA cells.  Your DNA construction will be more organized in systematic order.

Prevention of Free Radical Injury and Viral Infection:

Collard green leaves are fantastic to taste if it is prepared efficiently. It helps patients to steer clear of free radicals and different type of infections.  Vitamin C is available in this vegetable.   At the same time, it increases the physical stamina and energy to a great extent.

Collard leaves function as antioxidants, helping to cleanse the body. The detoxification is well done if a person takes collard soup on regular basis.   There are other essential nutrients which are found in this vegetable in sufficient amount.  According to healthcare service providers; with the times proceeding, the demand for the collard leaves is increasing to meet the basic requirements of people. Collard leaves have become indispensable of healthcare industry.


Collard vegetables contain adequate vitamin K and other mineral products. It ensures better bone development, formation of healthy cells and to some extent it reduces the severity of Alzheimer which damages the neural system. It also minimizes the bad impact on human brain. Before using green collard vegetables, it is necessary to rinse collard in fresh running water as you do in the case of washing other fresh vegetables like potatoes, beans and celeries.

When you cook collard leaves, you will have to see whether these vegetables are affected by pesticides. You need to buy absolutely fresh green vegetables for cooking purpose. You should control the temperature in which collard leaves are boiled. Overheat can destroy Vitamin C and other nutrients like folate.   Stems and leaves are usually utilized to prepare the fantastic delicious soup and other food items. Edible collard leaves are used in the preparation of salad, and meat inclusive of fish curry.  You can make a glass of health drinks by preparing a mixture of collard juice and other nutritious fruits.

Usage of Collard Leaves:

There are different ways of using collard leaves. You can consume it in the form of soup and blended juice. You can also prepare Italian cuisine by using collard leaves in right amount.

Collard Green Recipe:

  1. Southern chicken soup contains collard juice.   You can add spices and salt in certain amount.
  2. In addition, collard greens recipe is made more delicious if you use tasty tomatoes and Italian aromatic edible herbs.  You will have to blend tomato juice with collard green extract. You need to follow every step carefully to prepare the marvelous dishes.  If possible, you can contact professional cook who will guide you how to prepare the collard green dish.
  3. The delicious pea based soup can be prepared by using fresh collard, olive oil, onion and other ingredients like andouille.  However, you should not over-eat the collard soup.

You need to abide by opinions of dieticians and healthcare experts whose feedbacks are valuable and user-friendly to people.  Check the culinary sites to collect more authentic information in relation to the usage of collard leaves and stalks.


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