Health Benefits of Cauliflower

 Health Benefits of Cauliflower

There are a number of health benefits of cauliflower.   It is an important vegetable which can be eaten for acceleration of the strength and stamina of the body. Meristem part of the cauliflower is eatable whereas the green leaves can be used for cooking delicious spicy broth.  One should be aware of the salient features of this nutritious vegetable.  You will find lot of similarities between cauliflowers and broccolis.

 Health Benefits of Cauliflower

Composition of Cauliflower in 100 grams


Nutrition per value in 100gm




1.98 (g)

Fat Total

0.10 (g)

Fiber - Total

2.50 (g)

Sugar - Total

2.40 (g)


22.00 (mg)


0.44 (mg)


15.00 (mg)


44.00 (mg)


303.00 (mg)


30.00 (mg)


0.28 (mg)


0.04 (mg)


0.16 (mg)


0.60 (mg)

Vitamin C

46.40 (mg)


0.06 (mg)


0.06 (mg)


0.53 (mg)

Vitamin B6

0.22 (mg)

Folate - Total

57.00 (mcg)

Food - Folate

57.00 (mcg)

Folate - DFE

57.00 (mcg_DEF)

Vitamin B12

0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin A

13.00 (IU)


0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin E

0.08 (mg)

Vitamin K

16.00 (mcg)

Fat - Saturated

0.03 (g)

Fat - Monounsaturated

0.01 (g)

Fat - Polyunsaturated

0.10 (g)


0.00 (mg)


5.30 (g)

Some Healthcare Benefits of Using Cauliflower:

Anti- Inflammation:

Cauliflower is packed with nutrients, vitamins and proteins.  According to doctors, cauliflower produces good impact on human health as it minimizes the risk of being attacked by arthritis, obesity and different types of anti-inflammation.   This vital vegetable is also conducive to the reduction of the severity of the diabetes. For this reason, the popularity of the cauliflower is on the rise.   Doctors recommend cauliflower for those who are obese.

Check the Onset of Free Radicals :

Cauliflower plays an important role to control the free radicals which are harmful to the body.   In addition, daily intake of fresh cauliflower vegetable reduces the ill-effect of blood cancer and cardiovascular.

Atherosclerosis and Cauliflower:

Atherosclerosis is a type of disease which causes damage to a man.   It distorts the shape of blood vessels.  The inflammatory blood vessels obstruct the blood flow and in severe causes it encourages the onset of blood cancer. There will be a steady nosedive in the amount of white blood cells/WBC if someone suffers from atherosclerosis.  Cauliflower is one of the most important and useful vegetables which help persons to control the blood flow and decrease the inflammation of blood vessels along with the minimization of brain stroke.

Check Renal Failure:

To some extent, cauliflower is also very much effective to protect the body from renal disorder and heart stroke as well.

Strengthen Digestive Track:

After much investigation, researchers have pointed out that cauliflower is competent to bring speed and flexibility of digestive   system.  Cauliflower contains high quality fiber which comes handy to flush out the wastage from the body. The digestion process is done with accuracy.  Stomach is well cleaned and energized if you eat fresh green cauliflower vegetable everyday as per the direction of healthcare consultants.  A mug of well prepared cauliflower broth/soup is helpful to the elimination of certain diseases and physical discomfiture.

Usage of Cauliflower:

You can prepare nutritious cauliflower soup for taking at lunch. Cauliflower is also used at the time of preparation of curry. In this connection, you can surf net for collecting few popular recipes which will guide you how to make proper usage of cauliflower vegetable.

Some Good Recipes:

If you study well by navigating online, you will come to know how to prepare cost effective and nutritious food which must contain cauliflower juice and green stalks/leaves of this green vegetable.

For instance, cauliflower based creamy soup is very delicious to eat.  For the preparation of cream soup containing cauliflower, you will have to make the proper  arrangement  of several cauliflowers as per need, fresh onions,  high quality  milk, spices  but in limited amount, butter and cheese(Parmesan type). You should have basic information about the preparation of the cream soup.


There is another interesting and charming cauliflower recipe.

  1. Broccoli casserole can be made utilizing cauliflower meristems.  It also ensures proper growth of the body and mind.   You will have to buy broccoli, cauliflower, sauce containing butter, cheese (Parmesan) and several loaves of bread. The crumbs of bead are required to mix with the mixture of sauce and cheese to prepare Broccoli Casserole which will be contained cauliflower meristems.
  2. Again, you can prepare the fantastic broccoli based salad.  It will bring flavor to your breakfast table, in case you opt for this delicious and mouth watering broccoli salad which should be prepared using the cauliflower.
  3. Quiche is often recommended by dieticians. You can cook quiche food item at home. You must arrange good quality thyme, cauliflower head, butter, flour, restricted amount of dashed salt, oregano, and qualitative lard (purified animal based fat for cooking). You will have to slice the cauliflowers for the preparation of quiche food stuff.  Before starting your quiche preparation process, you must check whether cooking shortening in the form of rendered fatty substance is exempted from chemical impurities or adhesives. If necessary, you can talk to any professional dietician to learn how to cook the nutrition packed quiche food stuff.

Last not but the least, you should be aware of the certain benefits which are offered by cauliflower vegetable.  For better result, you need to get advice from healthcare consultants how to make proper utilization of cauliflower to make the body efficient.


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