sauna health benefits - Sauna as the most natural form of treatment

 Sauna health benefits

Today there is a general tendency for more natural methods of treatment, ie. the treatment of the basic elements of nature.

Sauna health benefits

 The LAND is used in the form of sand therapy and healing mud. You should know that even the most ordinary contact with the ground helps to break free electricity. It is considered to be very good therapy even if you walk barefoot areas or pebble beaches.

WATER is used in hydrotherapy and thermal therapy.

AIR is also an element that is essential for life, and therefore, for therapeutic stay always choose a place for the climate, as well as pure and mild air. There are very well-known clinics for therapeutic breathing.

The power of FIRE as an element is also important because the heat can be pleasant and beneficial to anyone suffering from joint pain, muscle contractions, cramps and so on.

WOOD, however – as the fifth element of the Chinese understanding of the essential elements.

In order not to enter further into the theory, what is obvious is that:

👉 Sauna combines all of these elements, since it is based on the use of all elements and, therefore, it is the most natural way of treatment that exists. It is a unique technique that uses all elements simultaneously.

The effect of the sauna

The most famous aspect of the sauna is the heat. Our body has to adapt to new conditions: because internal organs can not tolerate temperatures over 107.6°F. The new situation requires activation of system functions for thermoregulation: skin pores expand to emit heat to the outside, and the body begins to sweat because  water vapor lowers body temperature and leads body to thermal equilibrium. During the transition that follows (air bathroom and shower) organism is forced to re-adapt in the short term to the cooler atmosphere which is why the skin and capillaries constrict to avoid losing heat to outside conditions. Changes from warm to cold and vice versa represent the basis of the sauna and It has its significance, as this leads to the proper activation of the metabolism, strengthen the system of thermoregulation and efficient purification of the body.

Sauna and its physiological effects 

The high temperature at different levels elicits different reactions, including and increase cardiac function. To cooled the body, blood has to flow faster, especially to get to the peripheral layers. Therefore, increased strength and frequency of heartbeats. Heart rate in a heated room is spontaneously accelerated, consequently heartbeat becomes stronger which is great for strengthening the heart muscle.

In short intervals, the spread of narrow capillaries and arteries and surface veins become more flexible and more efficient. Even in the case of angina pectoris, the observed expansion of blood vessels of the coronary arteries is considered beneficial.

Sauna strengthens the heart and blood circulation, which is very well known to the athletes, as one visit to the sauna can  to be compared with 40 minutes of running in the nature.

Deep clean

  • Going to the sauna is equal to hygienic and cosmetic treatments.
  • You should go to the sauna  after the  careful bathing.
  • Anyone who regularly visits the sauna has a fresh and perfect complexion, and all thanks to good circulation that this is achieved and deep cleaning which is  resulted by sweating in this room.

 Blood pressure

  • Those persons who do not know the beneficial effects of saunas often mentioned blood pressure as a reason against them.
  • However sauna is remarkably method to improve blood circulation, and thus the blood pressure.
  • In particular, it can be said that some people react to a slight increase in systolic (upper) pressure when entering the sauna, another slight lowering (variation of 10-20mm Hg) while the majority of the pressure remains more or less unchanged, even in the moment of the steam.
  • People with high blood pressure, of about 170-180 mmHg, have excellent tolerance for sauna and eventually feel the improvement, while people who have a constant low pressure noticed a tendency to increase and improve the potential disruptions related to hypotension.
  • Still in saunas in both cases it is recommended to avoid standing on your feet. It is recommended lying or sitting position in case of hypertension, while in hypotension, after a few minutes in the lying position you should change to sitting position.
  • People with very high systolic pressure, should confine cold terms.
  • In hypertension, before entering the cabin sauna, foot bath should be practiced because this way reduces the extremely high blood pressure.

Breathing Function

  1. Warm air is fast and have powerful effect on the lungs. Causing a warming of mucous glands, and therefore to better air circulation.
  2. It is vital, just relaxing effect of heat on the muscles of the bronchi and the expansion of the lungs.
  3. Deeper breathing managed to normalize even convulsions breathing muscles (for example, in the case of asthma).
  4. In the sauna you should try to breathe deeply and slowly.
  5. To achieve a pleasant and beneficial effect, in a container of water should be added a few drops of essential oil that spread a pleasant scent and relax.

 Autonomic and Endocrine system

  • Different air and water temperatures caused great reactions in the glands and as a result of the changes occurring in the work of hormones:
  • One of them is that cold water stimulates the activation of the adrenal glands.

Psychological effect

  • The psychological effect of the sauna is huge and of great importance to the fact that you’ll be an hour isolated from everything and that you will dedicate yourself, positive, and perhaps unusual, especially after a hard day.
  • Such an atmosphere and warmth that calms makes you extremely relaxed.
  • You’ll feel as if you “recharge your batteries”.
  • In the sauna is not advisable to read newspapers, use a mobile phone, and even a brisk conversation.

Muscles and bones

  • Rheumatic pain, arthritis and arthrosis, represent a great individual and social problem; the percentage of lost work days is huge, not to mention the individual suffering and reduced quality of life.
  • Sauna as thermal treatment occupies a privileged place among the treatments because of the soothing and relaxing effect of heat.
  • Improved circulation allows easier and faster healing; even old wounds positively respond to this treatment.

Sauna and Beauty

  • Sauna is a  therapy and care for beauty
  • The effect of treatment can be prolonged with other therapies coming right at the end of sauna
  • At the end of treatment in the sauna, the skin becomes clean and ready for the upcoming treatments


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