Benefits of green tea

 Benefits of green tea

 Although we have a lot of knowledge about the peoples who only drink tea, we now know that some areas of Japan where it is grown green tea, have a significantly lower mortality from cancer. Of all the teas seems most medicinal effects has just green tea, for which Prof. Dr. J. Jankun from Toledo, Ohio USA, claims, based on past experiments, to prevent cancer of the esophagus, breast and prostate.

Is it sufficient to take one cup of strong tea a day?

A cup of tea for good health!

Japanese custom of drinking tea is not original; came from ancient China around 800 AD! Actually, it all started the movement of Buddhist priests, who after learning in China returned to service in Japan. Even then, and it shows on the basis of records and files, ruled belief that tea is “medical” ie. healthy beverage.

During the Kamakura era (1191-1333) priest Eisai wrote a book titled “Maintaining the health by drinking tea.”

When today we say to the patient to drink tea and he’ll be better, it is the belief that encourages precisely from that ancient time. In addition, there was the belief that tea is a magical plant, which preserves health and prolongs life, and  growing these plants is actually a cult thing.

In other words, everywhere where tea is grown, there is a long life. In fact, one can say that the tea was the elixir of life, it is today for many people.

Scientific research of active ingredients in tea, which in recent years implemented throughout the world, giving more evidence that these early assumptions were far from the truth. There are many types of tea, it is clear that the active components are not at all present in the same amount.

Green tea is definitely a remarkable exception.

There is a huge difference in the consumption of these foods; so England imported 180,000 tons of tea annually, which ensures a very high place in consumption from 3.2 kg / year per capita. Americans are ten times smaller consumers (0.34 kg / per capita).


Can tea “starve” the evil cancer cells?

It has long been known that free radicals inside and out have very adverse effect damaging the cells of tissues and organs, leading to degenerative diseases and various forms of cancer. For this reason, as the standard agent for preventing it is recommended strong antioxidants (vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-carotene). Only recently it was found that the polyphenols from some plants are even stronger antioxidants, and green tea came to fame as a beverage that has a per unit for consumption (cups) the maximum amount of polyphenols (300-400 mg) provided the tea is renough densely prepared or in more professional way, if a dry matter content of 8-12%. Thus, a relatively simple and fast, there was a very interesting discovery that people who drink a lot of green tea have the lowest death rates from some cancers and other modern diseases.

 It seems that some of the components of green tea after prolonged use, are  blocking the action of the enzyme urokinase, which after dissolving protein from living cells helps to settle the cancer cells in their place  and develop a mechanism for their food. Fab component is known in scientific circles as epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC), while it wrote the famous magazine “Nature”.

 In fact, if it is stopped process of feeding  of cancer cells, they are condemned to quietly dying of hunger. Discovery has helped computer modeling synthetic blocking agents urokinase. Epigallocatechin gallate can be successfully isolated from green tea and in laboratory conditions it shows its effect in blocking urokinase. Much remains to be done before the discovery of practical use, but unambiguous fact is that green tea is a very healthy drink.

It shows a number of other epidemiological studies conducted specifically in Japan; so the statistics show that the rate of dying from cancer is much lower in the area of ​​Shizuoka. They are made according to precise maps which provided the data that is in addition to the general decrease in the number of cancer deaths in men and in women, significantly reduced incidence of cancer of the esophagus, stomach and liver. The area is famous for the production of green tea, which is a daily (exclusive) beverage. What has been established is the custom create tea to tea (using prepared tea to prepare another tea) that is. achieved a very strong extract.

At the Cancer Institute of Peking University, there was performed a classical research laboratory in which artificially induced cancer of the esophagus, stomach and liver in mice, and then half given green tea extract and the other half did not. The result was very interesting; in the group of mice that received green tea extract, the occurrence of cancer was 50% less!

The same or approximately similar results were obtained in an experiment at the University of Tokyo, where instead of green tea extract catechin used was obtained from the tea. Apparently, it seems that the active substance of green tea (catechin) by blocking the enzyme urokinase acts on both the degree of carcinogenesis ie. the initiation and promotion, and that until recently did not know.

 With the above, the examination of the polyphenol extract obtained from leaves of green tea has been shown to reduce lipid levels, triglyceride and cholesterol in blood, and thus the risk of diseases of the circulatory system and atherosclerosis. Green tea leaves are rich in fluorine and which prevents the harmful effects of caries bacteria in the oral cavity. Tea also contains minerals that are important for human health, such as potassium, copper, iron and manganese. It contains some theo-filina and theobromine. It has long been known to operate and diuretic, helps against cellulite because it limits the absorption of fat and stimulates microcirculation. It heals wounds, tea extract is used for skin care, oral cavity, skin growths, against dandruff in the hair, for burns and for the treatment of acne.

 The delicious beverage can be drunk at any time of the day and night because tea stimulates the brain much milder than caffeine .


Antiviral activity of green tea

Although it was speculated that green tea has a relatively strong antiviral activity, it was difficult to prove. They helped the Japanese experts who first pointed out the interesting experience of growing tobacco, which is very sensitive to the so-called mosaic virus disease. If the tobacco leaf have green tea exudates (concentrated extracts) poured over  , they are definitely protected against the occurrence of this disease. Prof Shimamura established active ingredients in green tea, such as catechin and its oxidized form theaflavin.

 The experiments on volunteers, who have shown that daily gargling solution of strong green tea can prevent the “installation” of the flu virus in the throat during the critical spring time.

 For that you do not care and experiments were conducted on other groups of viruses including the AIDS virus. It was found naturally in laboratory conditions, that catechin slows its operation and expansion, but it does not kill the virus.


Investigations are continuing !!

 Refreshing operation – irreplaceable!

Connoisseurs of green tea have said that no drink much less a mixture thereof, may not be as well to refresh the body as can strong green tea. Caffeine content is usually higher than in coffee, and when combined with catechin, the effect is irreplaceable!

 The scent of this drink gentle green and sour taste stimulates positive thoughts, strengthens the whole body, calms, relaxes and purifies the body.

 There is no doubt that such a drink relieves drowsiness and forces the man to elevate the level of activity and mood. Question dosing tea is the same as in coffee; each has a different “yardstick” but it is also certain that we should not exaggerate. Generally accepted principle is 2-3 cups per day, although there are parts of the world where it is used and the double dose. Only particularly sensitive individuals may have insomnia if you drink green tea at night or in a very concentrated form.

 Refreshing operation of green tea on average longer than that to which we are accustomed to in the cafe, which is also attributed to the combined action of active substances. It can be suggested that for some professions (pilots, drivers) better use of tea than coffee. This fact is certainly already used commercially; instead drink hot tea for refreshment, take the tablets of green tea!

 So there; of the “magic” of the formulation to the discovery of the actual remedial action, passed centuries.

Anyone who underestimates the benefits of tea, especially green – he’s wrong!

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