How to build up immune system

 How to build up immune system

Immunity or immune system represents a defense mechanism of the body, whose role is to protect the body from any foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites and all other microorganisms that pose a threat to our health, then of toxins and even of tumors the body is developed.

At the present time, the immune system is challenged more than ever. Especially at this time, when the coming winter is threatening with many viruses and colds. The modern  everyday life is conducted by  the vast majority of the population. One big part of that unhealthy lifestyle is unhealthy nutrition. Stress is pervasive and it is present every day.  All this of course affects the reduction in body resistance in humans, so they become more “vulnerable” and weaker. More and more viruses are present on a global level, diseases, allergies increases, sensitivity of people is more pronounced, chronic fatigue occurs in the majority. The only way out is to raise their own awareness of what every person can do for itself to strengthen defense mechanism.

The main “polluters” of our bodies that directly affect the immune defense abilities are:  tobacco, alcohol, all kinds of drugs, artificial food additives – additives, sweeteners, flavoring agents, coloring agents and a change of taste, preservatives, sprayed fruits and vegetables also greatly increase the toxicity of the body due to pesticides that were sprayed, painted and too many sweetened drinks, all sodas, chronic stress, depression, physical inactivity, polluted environment, lack of sleep at night.

Now what a man has to change in daily habits in order to live physically and psychologically healthier? How to build up immune system?

The answer is very simple, and with a little bit of will + awareness of the importance of the above, in a short time you will be surprised at the progress and feeling better with general psycho-physical condition.


Balanced and proper diet and physical activity

  • The term balanced attention should be paid to reducing the uniform “strong” foods rich in saturated fats or sugars.
  •  eat a variety of foods, more natural origin, with more than three a day meals distributed evenly and in small quantities with plenty of vegetables and fruits due to their rich content of antioxidants that act against toxic materials in the body ie. free radicals, and also because of its high fiber content. 
  • Consume  probiotics (milk products), but that should be limited to the normal daily amount for milk fat and lactose.
  • Whole wheat pasta. White flour with large amounts of salt, is one of the biggest enemies. Thus, to fully be reoriented to pasta, cakes, bread obtained by grinding whole grains (integral) because it has so well preserved nutritional values.
  • All types of fish due to the wealth of fish oil, phosphorus and unsaturated fatty acids: tuna, mackerel, herring, salmon, hake, sardines, etc. Several times a week!
  • Flax and cold-pressed olive oil fresh, while frying only use grape seed oil and palm oil.
  • Green and black tea are also very, very rich in antioxidants (flavonoids).
  • Dark chocolate with a plumb percentage of pure cocoa. Cocoa is also a very powerful antioxidant!
  • Bee products! Make sure to incorporate them into the "daily menu"!Honey – rich in antioxidants and minerals. Take teaspoon in the morning, preferably with cinnamon. Propolis, royal jelly – a solution of honey and pollen (the only way to preserve his rights nutritive value) represents a “bomb” to boost immunity!
  • Nuts – almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts. Besides being rich in good fats (unsaturated), contain high levels of antioxidants, minerals and vitamin E (responsible for skin health), as well as cyanide in small quantities, which helps prevent the development of all types of tumors and even cancer! Also, introduce seeds- pumpkin, sunflower, because of the wealth of the very important and necessary minerals, the lack of which can seriously damage the functioning of the body and immunity – zinc and magnesium!
  • Water!  In large quantities. Drink a minimum of 1 gallon per day, person respectively and with any physical activity. Pay attention to drink it before and not after a meal.
  • Physical activity! Daily administration of physical activities mentioned will  release the body of toxins, increase respiratory capacity, prevent muscle atrophy, increase your metabolism, burn excess calories that are the main reason for obesity, which directly reduces the body’s resistance. With any kind of daily minimum of 30 minutes of physical activities mentioned,  you will feel better and healthier!
  • Sleep! 8 hours minimum of sleep, late lying is disrupting the normal biorhythm and can have  further negative impact on many things.

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