Supplements :Good vs Bad sides

Supplements: Good vs Bad sides


If you wanted to know good and bad sides of taking supplements you are on the right place:


I do not eat healthy foods, vegetables and fruits, so I take extra vitamins and minerals

+ I try to eat healthy, but I need a supplement in the form of vitamins and minerals

Taking vitamin and mineral complexes isn`t  an excuse not to consume them in food eg. Vegetables. There is a supplement that can fully be compared with the original natural source of important substances. However, today the food loses its value and quality, the pace of life is fast, eating a low-essential nutrients, these are all reasons to enrich the daily diet addition – complex vitamins and minerals. If you are an athlete and lead an active lifestyle, your needs for vitamins and minerals is significantly increased, so there are preparations to this base designed specifically for athletes.


I’m not going to keep my diet and exercise so I’ll take fat burners

+ I’m taking care of nutrition, I’m active physically, I want to speed up metabolism and burn fat

 Fat burners is not a shortcut to the finish line, we may disappoint you but without food,  effort and sacrifice you can`t shape the body of your dreams. Burners can really help you a lot to speed up metabolism, speed up the removal of toxins from the body, reduce appetite, improve energy levels and the consumption of fat, but if you do not allow it to do its job by consuming a bunch of unnecessary calories – you did not do anything.


I want to put on weight, I will not eat a lot so I’ll take gainer

+ I want to put on weight, I eat a lot and well, I need food supplements

 A similar story for those who have troubles with the weight – in the opposite direction. Nutrition is the foundation, so that the gainer should not be an excuse not to eat, but the solution to enter the excellent extra calories during the day. Eat a comprehensive and well throughout the day and between meals, drink a delicious foam shake – a calorie bomb. Only in this way you will achieve a calorie surplus and weight gain!


I have a lot of pain in the wrist when performing the exercises, I’ll have some supplement for the joints and continue training

+ I have problems with the joints, I will establish the cause (consult doctor) and take some of the preparations for strengthening joints

 Strenuous training, higher weights, a number of batches of your joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues are exhibiting more stress. Supplements for the joints are designed to help strengthen your physical skeleton and protect your joints, tendons and ligaments, which are subjected to high loads during training. However, if the problem is serious, you feel pain or discomfort when performing the exercise or at rest, consult a physician and be sure to consult a coach, as a violation would become even more dangerous.


I do not sleep enough, so I’ll take some stimulus

+ I try to provide the body sufficient recovery, but I need additional stimulus before training

 Many people complain of tiredness, lethargy training … of course all of this is a reflection of our way of life, but when it comes to recreational – are often in a position to train over their own borders, and bring the body into a state of overtraining. If you are tired, your body gives a signal that you need to recover, pay attention to nutrition and possible that you’re overtrained. After recovering and sufficient sleep, you can take a stimulant before training based on eg. Caffeine, taurine, guarana and many other products.


I’ll take supplements because I want quick results.

+ I’ll take supplements to improve health, quality of food and training and thus more quickly reach to results.

 There is a widely held opinion that you will rapidly progress  if you start taking supplements. But then there are those who drank hill of supplements and yet not progressing and they want to blame the manufacturers themselves or supplements. Supplements will certainly provide assistance in the recovery, faster build muscle mass and strength, the regulation of body weight and a number of other goals, but only if they are accompanied by adequate nutrition and training.


I’ll take supplements because I`m not making any  progress

+ I have a delay in progress, I will consult nutritionist about my diet and training and ask for a recommendation for supplement

 Can you make  progress with just nutrition and training? Of course you can but supplements can much do it faster and much more effectively than the food, which burdens the stomach and  takes time to decompose and gets into the bloodstream, and the food does not meet the daily needs of an athlete. The point of this story is to first examine how to eat and how to train, so when you determine the cause and find adequate supplement, which will help you.


I want faster results and I drink a double dose.

+ I want lasting results and will advise professionals about nutrition, training and combinations of supplements

 Double dose not mean double progress. In some cases where the training of larger scale, when an athlete has a higher body weight or a specific target doses can be increased  of certain supplements but definitely consult an expert for that.


What I took had no effect, I need to get the most expensive supplement.

+ Reconsider your diet, training and supplementation to determine the cause of stagnation

 If the supplement showed no effects, it is possible that these are two cases. The first is that the problem is expected, and the other that you did not keep track of how you eat and how you exercise, perhaps you just think that you are doing the right thing. Consult us! Each supplement has its own task and effect, but it will be manifested only after a proper diet and exercise program.


I want to get fat and get muscle mass and I’ll drink dextrose during the day.

+ I need a quick sugar recovery after training and high-quality food supplements.

 Dextrose is simple sugar  excellent for taking after training because it increases blood sugar and insulin, bringing you back to normal after a hard workout. However, be advised that you keep only the timing of when you take dextrose, otherwise without requiring you to raise insulin during the day,  just the fat you can get. To build muscle mass, more pay attention to the intake of quality protein.


I want to quickly get pump up and I take creatine/ nitrix oxide

+ I want to increase the level of strength, endurance and muscle mass

 Athelets  known that creatine has some sort of powerful effects, but they do not really understand how. We wrote a lot of it . All in all, bloating and muscle size and inflation pressures are related to the use of creatine/ NO reactors. Just for the record, the withdrawal of water is a normal phenomenon that occurs when entering creatine monohydrate, especially with high-carb. There are also supplements in which this effect is entirely avoided, such as Kre-Alkalyn. Creatine shouldd  not be taken to rapidly gain weight and “blew it” but to increase strength, endurance, recovery and muscle mass.


I do not have the motivation to exercise and I took a supplement

+ I’ll start to practice and to eat quality food and  I will take some recommended supplement

 The supplement can be a great motivation, and often only a placebo! Do not start from the supplement, go to gym and to change the diet, you will quickly feel the change and feel better. After this, supplementation will come as an addition to your new, healthier lifestyle.


Supplements do not work, I want to move on to something stronger

+ Reconsider the reasons for not making progress and consider the risks of taking illegal supplements.

 I want as soon as possible, as quickly as possible, by the year, until next month … !!! I heard that sentence very often. And to everyone, with good reason, I say that there are solutions that will help to examine diet and training, as well as supplements that benefit, but most young people, mostly from ignorance, engages in the use of illegal supplements which do not belong to natural supplements – supplements from  shops which is a common prejudice, but serious hormonal preparations and anabolic androgenic steroids, which can damage your health. Do not, at any cost, to destroy the results of the most important goal and that is exactly health.

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