Stress Fracture - Analytical Review

 Stress Fracture

Analytical Review

A number of seminars and street meetings have taken place to discuss further about the cons of stress fracture.   Doctors have stated that stress fractures should be treated carefully otherwise this type of embedded fissure may snowball into the severe injury to the bone.

Nature of Stress Fracture

  • One should be well informed of the nature and type of stress fracture.
  • Basically, stress fracture is a hairline fissure which is seen in the bonny structure.
  • Proper medication is needed to repair the stress fracture which is painful and detrimental to the growth of bones of the body.

Location of Stress Fractures

Location of the stress fracture is the solid weight bearing bone and the lower limb.

Who Are Victims to Stress Fractures?

  • Stress fractures are mainly found among athletes and sportsmen.
  • Those who like to play tennis, table tennis, cricket, gymnastic and golf are affected by stress fractures.

Doctor’s Observation

  • After lot of research and investigation, researchers have come to conclusion that stress fracture mainly happens due to the pressure of muscles on the bones.
  • Muscles are overused. For this reason, it is seen that tired muscles put pressure on the bone due to take relief for sometime. This type of stress creates small incomplete fissure in the bones which bear weight of the body.  However, stress fractures can be found in any part of the body.

Common Affected Zones

  • Apart from lower part of limbs, and weight bearing bonny musculature, stress fractures are also seen in heel, joints, metatarsal area of foot.
  • Fibula is located on the mid range foot which can be affected by stress fractures.

Misconception and Myth

  • There are many guys who have wrong conception about stress fractures.
  • One should have proper conception about the stress fractures and to what extent these tiny fissures in the bone can bring lot of pain to people.  Stress fractures don’t merely attack sportsmen.  A general guy can suffer from the thin fracture in the bone.  For this reason, one should have proper knowledge about the stress fractures.

Stress Fractures

  • Stress fractures are harmful and proper care should be adopted by people who work hard.
  • The  severity of the stress fractures  depends on the amount of work done by a person
  • To what extent, he  puts excessive  pressure on the bone
  • Type of exercise
  • Duration of physical warm ups.


  • Though stress fracture occurs due to surplus pressure on the bone, there are other physical disorders for which bones can be split.
  • The osteoporosis is such a harmful disorder that can make the bone crispy.  Osteoporosis is another cause of bone erosion and fracture.
  • Due to malnutrition, the bone can be broken and there is higher possibility of the occurrence of stress fracture.

Discontinuity in physical warm up

  • It is seen that in case an athlete stops doing physical warm up during rainy seasons and again starts doing exercises in wintry seasons, he can suffer from stress fracture due to discontinuity.
  • If a learner does complicated physical warm up in the very beginning, he will have to suffer from stress fractures.

Improper Shoes

  • Unfitted footwear is always detrimental to humans. Improper shoe fitting can damage the bone and musculature.  If you select the sports shoes with unfitted outsoles, you will have to have a traumatic experience.  Stress fracture can do lot of damages to the foot as well.
  • For this reason, before the selection of the footwear accessory, one should be more careful in purchasing the sports shoes.

Change of Surface

Often it is seen that players get injury to the bone due to get switch over from clay made court to the Astroturf track.  Stress fracture may attack that person due to the switchover.

Defective Training Program

If sportsmen are given wrong training to boost up muscles and bone, they can have bad experience as well.  This type of defective technique can cause stress fracture.


  • There are a number of symptoms and signs of the occurrence of stress fractures in the body.
  • Pain is the prominent reason for the onset of stress fracture in the feet and other parts of the body.
  • The ankles and the outer hull of the heel will be enlarged and protruded due to stress fracture. However, in this case bone protrusion is not massive as the fracture is thin.
  • Patients will feel pain while moving and pressing the affected area.

In the case of stress fracture, doctors do some clinical tests, close monitoring and examination to detect the stress fracture.  Rest is required to energize the fractured bone.   Medication, pain killer shot administration and medical care are some of the treatment procedures to remove stress fracture.


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