foot smell - How to Remove Bad Odor?

foot smell

Foot smell is unbearable which it emits to pollute the air.  Stinking odor does harm to a man. That’s why, it is better to take some precautionary measures beforehand to check the constant backfiring of bad odor which emerges from the feet.  Foot odor smells like ammonia.   You should follow some basic tips and methods to relinquish bad odor coming out of the foot.


Causes of foot smell


Brevibacteria enhances of the frequent emission of stinking smell or odor from the affected part of the foot. Brevibacteria is dangerous and it eats into tissues and tendons


Unfitted footwear creates problem in walking. At the same time, it also accelerates the chance of the formation of unhygienic odor which causes irritation, and redness of the tissues. Dirty feet are also highly prone to the release of bad odor from the feet.

Socks with air vents

Socks should be well fitted with lot of air vents for smoothing the entry of fresh air inside the shoes.  If your socks are closely stuck to the skin, you can suffer from deep patches, sweaty skin with higher inclination towards formation of blisters, red rashes and skin diseases. It also emits stinking odor. A comparison study shows that nylon made socks and pantyhose accessories are fatal and competent to generate sweat whereas cotton- based socks are out of danger comparatively.  Therefore when you decide to select the socks/pantyhose or any other dress material, you need to be a good

decision maker in the matter of the selection of the right socks/accessories.


Hyperhidrosis is another prominent cause of encouraging perspiration.  To be frank, sweat glands perform its duty to produce sweat with the main purpose of keeping the body temperature under control.  However, when perspiration becomes severe, these tiny glands give back million droplets of sweat which can sit on the skin texture of the body.   Hyperhidrosis is the abnormal discharge of sweat. Sympathetic nerves which are located in armpits command these glands for discharging sweat drops for drenching the body.  In the case of Hyperhidrosis disease, the excessive perspiration gives birth to a number of severe problems to put the health in danger.

Cleaning of fee

One thing needs to be kept in mind that sweat heels or toes of the feet don’t always emit bad odor.  The fact is that through the contact with bacteria, sweat becomes odorous and your feet contaminate air by spewing bad vapor. For this reason, you need to clean your feet in running water.  You can use good quality soap water to remove dirt and sweat drops from the skin texture of your feet.

As per the reports of researchers, humans own approximately 250,000 glands which discharge sweat droplets at different times.  If they are not well taken care of, these tiny glands can produce excessive sweat throughout the day and night.


How to Remove Bad Odor?

Foot smell is a common problem. If you feel that you are suffering from massive perspiration and your feet are drenched in sweat, you will have to bring some changes to your lifestyles. foot smell is not a critical problem and you can easily get good result by modifying your habits.

  • Feet must be cleaned to steer clear of bad odor.
  • Apply herbal products, cleansers and soaps to wash your feet.
  • It will be better for you if you apply lukewarm water for rinsing the feet properly.
  • To get rid of stinking odor, you can use a type of anti-bacteria lotions, topical cream and sprays to remove the lethal bacteria which are responsible to produce maximum sweat drops to cover make the feet slippery and wet.
  • Shoe selection process is really excellent.  If you wear unmatched footwear, you will have to pay the penalty by inviting skin rashes, bad odor, and bursitis, hammer toe, elevated heels inclusive of other deformities.
  • Buy footwear which keeps the feet in protection. There must be smooth airflow inside the compartment of the footwear. Try to select the ultra-light shoes which are easy to operate.
  • Cotton socks are dotted with small air vents to ensure better airflow to remove bad odor.
  • You must try to keep your feet out of reach of dust, allergens and bacteria as all these negative components are not hygienic and they will make feet wet and excessively dirty.

Treatments for Hyperhidrosis

Use of Aluminum chloride

Aluminum Chloride is effective and performance based. You can use this chemical solution to keep your feet out of the sweat and bad odor.


A medicated shot can be administered into the body to minimize the abnormal activity of the sweat glands.   Overactive glands ooze high volume of sweat drops to stick to the skin surface around the feet. However, you need to take the proper dosages of medications or anti-perspiration gel, spray and cream to lower the amount of sweat drops.

Non surgical treatment

Non surgical treatment is also result oriented as it gives relief to patients. Electric waves are sent through water to treat the pores and glands of the skins for de-activate the sweat glands which produce huge percentage of sweat.

However, it is also true that patients must opt for surgery to scoop out some portion of sympathetic nerves to restrict the production of sweat.

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