Health Benefits of Cabbage

Health Benefits of Cabbage


There are numerous varieties of cabbage, each providing strong and unique health benefits. This vegetable goes a long way featuring various medicinal properties and essential nutrients. According to some research, the chemicals present in this vegetable help to prevent cancer. Cabbage is known as the “poor mans drug” because of its amazing benefits. While cooking cabbage you need to avoid overcooking. Overcooking of cabbage can destroy all the essential nutrients stored in the vegetable. However, cabbage is considered as one of the highly disliked vegetable among kids.

Health Benefits of Cabbage

Composition of Brussels sprouts in 100 grams


Nutrition per value in 100gm




1.44 (g)

Fat Total

0.12 (g)


5.58 (g)


2.30 (g)


3.58 (g)


47.00 (mg)


0.59 (mg)


15.00 (mg)


23.00 (mg)


246.00 (mg)


18.00 (mg)


0.18 (mg)


0.02 (mg)


0.16 (mg)


0.90 (mg)

Vitamin C

32.20 (mg)


0.05 (mg)


0.04 (mg)


0.30 (mg)

Vitamin B6

0.10 (mg)

Folate - Total

43.00 (mcg)

Food - Folate

43.00 (mcg)

Folate - DFE

43.00 (mcg_DEF)

Vitamin B12

0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin A

171.00 (IU)


0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin E

0.15 (mg)

Vitamin K

60.00 (mcg)

Fat - Saturated

0.02 (g)

Fat - Monounsaturated


Fat - Polyunsaturated

0.06 (g)


0.00 (mg)


Below are several health advantages associated with cabbage:

Improve digestion and prevent colon cancer:

These days most vegetables and fruits had been detected of having power to prevent this most unwanted disease. When talked about cabbage, this vegetable boasts for having high fibre content and thus helps to induce good digestive system. People having proper digestive system never complains of having constipation and experience regular trips to the bathroom and a healthy colon. According to various researches done on cabbage, people daily consuming cabbage has less exposure to colon cancer.

Anti cancer properties:

Cabbage is referred as one of the most popular vegetables to prevent cancer. According to some research, cabbage contains essential photochemical and antioxidants that act as an anti-cancer properties. This vegetable also contains phytonutrients that help to eliminate tumour growth and inhibit cancer cell metastasis. Sulforaphane content helps to flush out harmful body toxins, including carcinogenic compounds.

Anti aging properties:

Cabbage is a store house of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Presence of such essential nutrients acts as an anti aging agent and benefits a person from premature aging. This vegetable is gifted with anti aging properties therefore if you want to look young you need to consume cabbage in your daily diet.

Lower serum cholesterol:

The term serum cholesterol is defined as a combination of both good and bad cholesterol present in your body. Whenever there the level of serum cholesterol gets increased, you are inclined towards higher risk of heart related issues. However, according to various ongoing researches, doctors believe cabbage has a huge health benefit to lower serum cholesterol.

Ideal for pregnant women, prevent birth defects:

numerous birth defects can be controlled with the help of this vegetables. Most birth defects have been raised due to deficiency of folate. If an expectant mother does not take sufficient amount of foalte in her diet then the infant might suffer from cleft palate and neural tube or spinal cord problems. It is therefore recommended to have adequate amount of folate in their diet.

Anti-inflammatory properties:

Cabbage is a rich source of glutamine and vitamin C. These substances help to neutralize free radicals and help to reduce body inflammation. This traditional method of curing body inflammation has been used since ancient period.

Relieve muscle soreness:

If you are among gym-junkies, it is common to suffer from sore muscles after a heavy workout. To get relief from these unwanted circumstances you need to have high lactic acid content diet. Cabbage contains high amount of lactic acid that disinfects the colon and boost up your energy.

Energy booster:

Vitamin B is highly assimilates in your body therefore you’ll receive natural energy.

Prevent ulcers:

Based on one of the recent inventions made by Dr. Garnet Cheney, cabbages have been used as an important source of food to prevent stomach ulcers. Regular intake of cabbage juice helps to fight against ulcers. Avoid cooking of the vegetable to prevent vitamin destruction.

Fill up on minerals:

Cabbage comes with a pack of various essential minerals and nutrients such as iron, sulphur, vitamin C, vitamin A, folic acid, calcium, vitamin B6, magnesium, manganese, etc.

Skin care:

With the presence of vitamin D, cabbage has also gain reputation for caring and maintaining your skin. This vegetable promotes glowing skin, reduces pimples and other skin irritations.

Reduce weight:

Cabbage is a highly recommended vegetable if you are on weight reducing process. Presence of less calories allows you to eat as much as you want.

Uses of Cabbage:

This not so favourite vegetable is preferred to consume as a cabbage juice or if you want to cook and eat then you are advised not to over cook cabbage. While buying this vegetable always look for heavy heads, solid cabbage with no more than 4-5 loose outer leaves.

Some of the useful recipes of Cabbage:

Mix green onions, diced green peppers, diced tomatoes, chopped celery and chopped cabbage in the pot and cover with water. Bring it to boil for 10 minutes. Let it simmer and cook the soup all of the vegetables become tender and soft. Season the soup with salt, garlic powder and pepper.


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