Health Benefits of Cucumber

Health Benefits of Cucumber

 If you decide to eat nutritious food stuff for rebuilding your weak muscles and joints properly, you must plan to choose cucumber fruit which is loaded with vitamins, proteins and other healthcare ingredients. There is no side effect if you eat this fruit on regular basis. Cucumber belongs to the family of sativus lineup. Doctors claim that cucumber can be eaten in the form of salad for getting energy and nutrition.

Health Benefits of Cucumber

Composition of Cucumber in 100 grams


Nutrition per value in 100gm




0.65 (g)

Fat Total

0.11 (g)


3.63 (g)

Fiber - Total

0.50 (g)

Sugar - Total

1.67 (g)


16.00 (mg)


0.28 (mg)


13.00 (mg)


24.00 (mg)


147.00 (mg)


2.00 (mg)


0.20 (mg)


0.04 (mg)


0.08 (mg)


0.30 (mg)

Vitamin C

2.80 (mg)


0.03 (mg)


0.03 (mg)


0.10 (mg)

Vitamin B6

0.04 (mg)

Folate - Total

7.00 (mcg)

Food - Folate

7.00 (mcg)

Folate - DFE

7.00 (mcg_DEF)

Vitamin B12

0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin A

105.00 (IU)


0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin E

0.03 (mg)

Vitamin K

16.40 (mcg)

Fat - Saturated

0.03 (g)

Fat - Monounsaturated

0.00 (g)

Fat - Polyunsaturated

0.05 (g)


Health Benefits of Eating Cucumber:

Cucumber is the succulent fruit which is delicious and highly nutritious.  It produces a number of positive features to keep the body intact from various types of diseases and physical disorder.   Cucumber is not only edible but the juice of this fresh fruit can be collected in a vessel and you can apply it to the skin texture.  Cucumber is good for health with a number of benefits it offers.

Cucumber for Skin:

If you want to appear more beautiful and fashionable, you will have to tone up your own skin properly.  In this case, you need to put emphasis on the selection of the food items which produce massive influence on the health of a man.  Cucumber contains hydrogen which is suitable to the skin texture. For this reason, your skin will not be damaged or infected if you apply raw cucumber juice to the skin.  Cucumber juice is also effective to soften the skin texture.  You should know about the proper usage of cucumber to treat the damaged skin. Doctors have conformed that this type of fruit produces a sensational cooling effect. Therefore, during summer seasons, you can apply this cucumber juice to your face, nape of the neckline area and the armpits.

Cucumber Good for Eye Care:

Eyes are definitely essential organs.  It helps man to watch the beauty of nature.  On the other hand, nicely trimmed eye lids and brows increase the physical glamour of a lady.  Instead of using heavy cosmetic makeup and eye care lotion, you can do some tentative attempts by applying the cucumber paste on eyelids.  You will get good impact after the application of this beautiful tasty fruit.   Your vision strength will accelerate.  To be brief, the eyelids, brows and eyeballs can be well protected from infection due to the daily usage of cucumber juice.  Any darkened spots, wrinkles, fine lines, dents and nodules under the eyes can be healed if cucumber is applied as per the direction of doctors.  The inflammation of the eye bags (cyst) will be   minimized after the usage of cucumber for few days.

After vast study and research, experts have highlighted the proper health benefits of eating cucumbers.  There are different types of cucumber such as pickling and slicing fruits.  You can prepare good and healthy salad by using slicing cucumbers which are always tasty.  A cucumber has good amount of water like watermelons. For this reason, you will be able to hydrate your skin by utilizing   cucumber.   The skin will be soft, smooth and properly cleaned. Better to say, cucumber ensures better skin cleansing process and nourishment of the other important parts of the body.

Check Scorching Sunlight: Peel off the skin from the outer hull of the cucumber and cover your face with sliced cucumber and hard skin which has been peeled off the cucumber.  It is very helpful to men during summer days when the sun releases scorching heat and ultra violet rays.  Your skin will be darkened and baked. Excessive exposure in dazzling sunlight will dehydrate the skin and it will be cracked. At this moment, it will be excellent decision to clean face and neckline area and ear lobes with cucumber skin.

Control Blood Pressure:

The fact is that men are frequently affected by low blood pressure. It weakens a person.  Basically, the aged persons suffer from this type of blood pressure. Scientists state that cucumber can check the severity of low blood pressure keeping it under control.

Renal Disorder:

Regular intake of cucumber can brighten up the chance of shrugging off the renal disorder.

It also decreases the uric acid levels.  For this reason to keep the urinary track safe, it is better to take several servings of fresh cucumber.

Usage of Cucumber:

People can eat cucumber by preparing excellent salad.   Pickling cucumbers may be seasoned for future use.  If it is slicing cucumber, you can eat the raw pulp of this excellent succulent fruit.


  1. There are different types of juicy, tasty and mind blowing food items which can be made or cooked by using nutritious cucumber pieces. It is a low calorie fruit and therefore it comes handy to treat the patients who are under the risk of hypertension, low blood pressure and renal failure. For instance, cold soup containing cucumber extract is very delicious to taste. This hygienic cold soup is prepared with capsicum and milk.   This sweet mixture will boost up the energy in your body and it also generates excellent impact on the skin as well.
  2. Cucumber based soup is also beneficial to humans. You can arrange fresh cucumbers, butter, and sauté as per needed.   This blended medicated broth is conducive to the safekeeping of the body from diseases and infection.


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