Hair gel

 Hair gel & Temporary hair styling

You can stiffen the hair in specific style with hair gels, as they hold the hair firm. It produces great results in styling hair just like the hair spray and hair wax but is not weak than the hair adhesive used in weaving.

Types of hair gel

There are many brands available and there are some gels that are higher numbered and hold the hair very firm compared to the lower numbered ones, rather they give hair a very wet look and feels like dripping. The hair gels available today are ethnic as it is used to sculpt the hair texture very strong. Some may also require temporary hair coloring and also need some unnatural colors too.

Component of hair gel

A major functional content of hair gel is cationic polymers. Some natural hair protein conformations are resisted in the gels that allow the hairs to be nicely textured and styled. It is due to that the outstretched polymers take more space to stretch the coiled polymer. There are more high numbered molecular formulas available adopted by high brands for instant results.

These days hair gels are available in various forms as per the requirements of users. These days the clients want more hair thickness, curls, shine, straightness, spikes, control etc. which suit the consumers. Today the hair gels are majorly available in 7 main categories.

  • Stringing gels.
  • Ringing gels.
  • Smoothing gels.
  • Spiking gels.
  • Spray gels.
  • Foaming gels.
  • Curling gels.

These kinds of gels are all tested by purchasing them from random salon shops so that the order of gels and testing is carried out as per the suitable client needs.

The working of hair gels

Nearly all hair styling gels work similar only. When dry forms the film which bonds the hair strands together and provides firm hold using the polymer/copolymer does. The chaining or the cross linking of molecules results in formation of polymers The polymers allow some flexibility ideally when they are dry and transparent, do not absorb moisture and neither they become sticky by air moisture and do not flake also when they brush up. Depending on the intended use the gels come in several levels of holding. Some people feel that gels spoilt the texture of hair but if right product and proportion is used then hair styling is fun.

How to select right type of hair gel??

Initially it’s crucial to determine what you expect from your hair while selecting the right kind of hair gel. If you have nice wavy and curly hairs then you can show it off well with the curling gels. A strong holding gel to spike up the short air will be ideal.

Gels and mousses/foams

There is very marginal difference between the mouse/foam and hair gel. You can go on heavier side as the gels tend to be very thick. The Mousses/foams are dispensed in the form of propellants. Foams have the lather which easily spread on the thin hairs too. Today many hair stylists explain this by mentioning “For definition and lasting hold with structure are the gels but the foams are for volume”. The product in both is different but the holding type polymer is very similar in gels as the basic feature of stiffening the hair has to be retained. One should not use gels twice in day but twice in week as the hair texture can be spoilt too.

Steps to style your hair with the gel:

  1. Thoroughly wash your hair first.
  2. There are many shampoos which you use available and properly rinse the hair after shampooing with lukewarm water. Do not use immediately the hair dryers on hair.
  3. You can always towel dry your hair with paper cotton or towel. You may like the gel to dry off after the gel application the moment the hair frizzes.
  4. Just small hair gel dab onto your palm.
  5. Spread the gel evenly by rubbing to with hands.

You can also consider some basic options while applying the gel:

You can easily and quickly apply the gel from front of the hair and just work it in deeply by reaching the scalp with your fingers and gently massage for a minute. You should apply the gel towards the root. You should scrunch the gel evenly by flipping over the head. In this way you can obtain curly and wavy hair especially at the tip of roots.

Now just style and brush your hair into desired style so that you either encourage the curls or the hair straightens with a good hair gel.

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