Facial Fitness: 3 Moves to Banish Chubby Cheeks and Double Chin

3 Moves to Banish Chubby Cheeks and Double Chin

Everybody loves chubby cheeks and dimpled chins. Sometimes swollen cheeks also prove to be the cause of double chin. There is no doubt that the texture of the face has a profound effect on our personality. It is important to have a slim and fit body as well as a toned face. For this, along with making our skill flawless, facial exercises also work to shape up the face. Know three facial exercises, with the help of which your chubby chicks can return to their form again. Apart from this, the double chin also starts reducing gradually (facial exercises for chubby cheeks).

Why do chubby chicks start to develop?

Not eating on time, consuming more fatty food, not following the rules for sleeping and getting up, and lack of exercise causes this problem. Face massage is an easy way to overcome this problem. Due to this, our face looks slim and our age automatically starts looking less. Sometimes the right exercise along with anti aging products can prove to be beneficial for us.

facial massage

Massage will not only remove fine lines but blackheads and whiteheads will also come out from the massage. images adobe stock

Why face yoga is important

Face yoga works to tighten the skin. This increases the blood flow in the face. Due to this, collagen starts producing in the skin. This makes the skin firm and the double chin starts reducing automatically. According to a research by Medical Today, facial exercises work to reduce the signs of facial aging. Due to this, the swollen cheeks gradually start taking their place.

3 Facial Workouts for perfect jaw line

1. Balloon Facial Exercise

For this, first of all sit straight. Now fill air in the mouth. When the mouth is completely swollen, keep it in this condition for some time. Now start releasing the air slowly. Do not close your eyes during this.

Benefits of Balloon Facial Exercises

This tones the muscles of the face.

Facial exercise makes the blood circulation of the face regular.

Due to the stretching of the muscles, a change in the texture of the face starts to be felt automatically.

 2. Fish face exercise

To get rid of fat cheeks, make the face like a fish. Shrink both cheeks and inward. Keep the eyes open and move the lips outward. Repeat this exercise three to four times for 30 seconds. It affects the cheek bone. This makes your cheeks go inwards.

benefits of fish face exercise

By pulling the cheeks inwards, they easily return to their old place.

Due to this, apart from the cheeks, the fatness of the lips also starts reducing.

With this exercise, the jaw line starts getting toned.

3. Face Tap Exercise

To do this excise, tap your forehead with light hands with the help of index finger, middle finger and ring finger. This starts generating heat from your face. Also, blood circulation starts increasing in the muscles. After this, in the next step, tap around the eyes with the fingers in the same way. Now massage around the cheek bone, nose and lips. Due to this, collagen starts producing in the skin.

Benefits of Face Tap

With this, the massage of the whole face is done easily. Also, the production of collagen starts increasing.

Its effect is visible not only on the cheeks but on the entire face.

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