What is arthritis? What causes arthritis?

Arthritis is referred to joint ache and disorders featuring swelling and irritation. A joint serves as a connection between two bones. It’s only because of our joints that we are able to move our hands face, legs etc so flexibly and freely.

 Arthritis is often accompanied by arthralgia, medical name for joint pain.

 In all there are hundred types of arthritis already existing and the digits are still moving on. Ranging from the inflammations to those connected with the cartilage rips has made it an unending disease with the number of patients increasing rapidly. All these types has together made arthritis the most persistent and chronic illness.


Causes of arthritis

Arthritis may occur due to several reasons such as injury (type called as osteoarthritis), hereditary factors, a susceptible immune system, metabolic abnormalities or some sort of viral or bacterial infection.


Arthritis comes under few most painful and agonizing diseases. Its extent or coverage area is different in different individuals causing varied prognoses, complications. Thus treatments also vary from person to person. But all of them are inclined to affect the joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and cartilage and some even alter the routine working of important body parts.


What are arthritis symptoms and signs?

The common symptoms that can be seen in all of the arthritis  patients are swelling, soreness, joint stiffness, limited degree of joint movement  and a few more such. On the other hand a few not so usual symptoms occurring in few particular arthritic patients include exhaustion, weakness, feeling unwell, gland swelling, fever and strangely even inappropriate functioning of heart, lungs are observed

 No doubt in what type its occurring arthritis always diverts the routine functions of body parts and causes irresistible pain. So catching its symptoms earlier and treating the signs is what we can do for its control.

 Diagnosis of arthritis

The diagnosis starts with the first meeting of patient and doctor. The doctor asks the patient various queries regarding the symptoms, extent of pain, problems in joints, history of patient’s previous joint pains etc. After this first step he examines the area under inflammation, extent of deformity, chances of the inflammation extending to rest of the body parts. Then connecting all the answers and the examinations he concludes his test. If required doctor may suggest some additional tests like joint fluid, urine, blood test and the like. A rheumatologist is an arthritis specialist. 

Most of the times arthritis symptoms are infuriating and exasperating rather than being severe. The chief problem is that millions or say a huge number of people are suffering through these conditions daily.


Importance of early diagnosis

The only way out for this syndrome is its early diagnosis and enough care and treatment. Not following doctor’s advice in arthritis can cause irreversible injury and joint damage. Those suffering from arthritis should keep consulting a rheumatologist for physical therapies, medications and rest as this can provide you with long term health advantages

For best possible health constant contact and communication should be maintained with the doctor doing the treatment once diagnose has been done. The point is that he’s very well aware of your tolerance level, your symptoms vagaries and your healing treatment


Treatment for arthritis

Depending upon specific type of arthritis present, the treatment for the corresponding type is provided. A precise diagnosis is the key to the successful treatment. Once the type is known, immediately the therapy for cure is started. Existing treatment include splinting, physical therapy, medication against inflammation, application of cold-pack, immune-improving medications, and the last option treatment is operating surgically.



Arthritic pains sometimes get awfully irresistible and difficult .Joint problems are often associated with awful discomfort and pain. Joint pain problem exists in many individuals and is mainly on an increase in winter season. One only wants to get rid of the pain while suffering from such a problem. Numerous natural supplements are also available that will relieve you from the pain and restore the degenerated joints as well. One such supplement is Glucosamine and has proved helpful to masses. It repairs the cartilage and the tissues damaged around the joint.Cetyl myristoleate are one more naturally available substance that’s being used in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.


Self care at home

Next time in case you are appetizing for a delicious and healthy treat go for a full glass orange juice. Or search out for some oranges. That’s because recently conducted researches revealed that vitamin C plays a significant role in reducing the chances of osteoarthritis and prevents its progression. Also researches proved that people whose regular intake of diet includes fruits and other rich sources or of vitamins are three times less likely to get to arthritis compared to those who have very less intake of a nutritious vegetables and fruits. (For women a minimum daily intake of vitamin C must be 75 mg whereas for men it is 90mg per day, recommends the USDA)

added bonus is that citrus fruits and oranges are excellent sources of another important fluid folic acid and this lessens the side effects of methotrexate drug recommended in arthritis and also reduces the chances of cardiovascular disorders to a great extent.

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