Thyroid – The Most Common and Silent Health Problem

According to a recent study, more than 50 million Americans are affected by thyroid and, in fact 70 percent of them ignore it. The thyroid is a gland that looks quite similar to butterfly in shape and is located in between the neck. It is also referred as one of the major glands that masters over metabolism, when it goes awry imbalance of it can result into many problems.

If after a little bit of work you are feeling anxious, having aches in joints and back, gaining weight even without eating much and if feeling lack of potency than you must go for T3 or T4 test also known as thyroid test, as suggested by doc. People with turtle neck have maximum chances of thyroid issues in a few cases it results in the cancer as well.

Diabetes is considered as the silent killer, but yes on the other-hand thyroid too. Following are the symptoms of thyroid:

1. Fatigue- If you get exhausted after a bit of work at a very young age, then you are in serious problem. Nausea can also be a result of it.


2. Weight Gain and Loose- If you are facing frequent changes in your weight without any reason this must be a symptom of irregularity in the gland, so must need to me aware of it.


3. Too much Depression and Anxiety- If someone is getting into depression rapidly and also getting anxious on all small and ignorable issues then it is also a must to watch symptom.


4. High Volume of Cholesterol- Even when your diet is nearly cholesterol free and you have high levels of blood cholesterol; it can be a symptom too. This is the reason heart patient often referred for T3 and T4 test.


5. Family History of Thyroid- If your Grandparents or parents were having thyroid issues, it can come to you because of heredity and therefore its test is a must.


6. Sexual Disorders- It may cause menstrual irregularities in females and infertility in males, so to identify it and work quickly on this problem is a must.


7. Problem after Intestine or bowel related problem – If you are having problems with improper stool, or your digestion is not good or else if you have problem in large or small intestine it can also because of this gland.


8. Hair and Skin disorders- If your metabolism will not be good nothing will go to be good for you in terms of body. Hair loss or fall can be a symptom of thyroid and also if you are having a skin disorder frequently shows irregularity in the gland.


9. Turtle Neck or Enlargement of Neck- Sudden enlargement in the neck and when it starts to look alike the neck of a turtle you must go for T3, T4 and TSH test.


10. The ache in Joints- People who feel ache in joints in early 20’s or 30’s must go for a thyroid test. 


Thyroid irregularities can be controlled with allopathic medicines, also with yoga on a daily basis. Vitamin A is must for this; you can get it in egg and carrots or beet-root as well. Avoid refined sugar and white flour and try to breathe in and breathe out with deep respiration exercise it will reduce the irregularities in your gland.

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