Tips On How To Become A Better Runner- 7 Steps For Running

how to become a better runner?

Do you want to develop your running skills so you can increase your miles and strength? If you wish to become a fantastic runner, make sure your form is good, and you are putting on the proper equipment before you start adding miles to your routine.

 Set a plan and discover ways to motivate yourself to adhere to it, rain or shine. Train to increase your speed and endurance by using techniques like tempo running, hill sprints, and track workouts.

 Irrespective of where you are starting from, you can be a good runner if you make running a primary concern.


Make Running Comfortable For YouRunning- Comfortable

What I mean by making running comfortable for you is, do things that will take your mind off of running if you don’t really like it. What I do is play music while I’m running so I don’t have to hear myself breathing the whole time and so I can help myself get motivated with my favorite music.

 If you don’t like carrying your cell phone or anything strapped to you while your running, you can always invest in a fitness watch which helps out a lot.

 I don’t like using the arm strap to hold my IPod or cellphone because it slips down my arms once I start sweating then when I tighten the strap, it makes it feel like I’m losing circulation in my arm.

 Things like that bother me, makes me lose concentration and ends up making me frustrated. So I invested in the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music Fitness Tracker because not only was it able to play music, it was able to help track my runs.

That’s just one way I stay comfortable while I’m running.


7 Steps to becoming a better runnerRunning-Tips

For some, running is a pleasurable activity; for others, it is a tiresome necessity. However, no matter where you fall on the running spectrum, if you are aiming to become better, then here are the Seven Steps You Can Take To Become A Better Runner:

1. Energize your body with healthy meals and plenty of water: 

While you become a more serious runner, you will observe how essential it is to keep your body in perfect shape by staying well hydrated and eating healthy food.

Eat whole grains, lean meats, healthy fats and a lot of fruits and vegetables to keep your body in good running shape. Stop eating heavy fried foods, fast food, and highly refined food like snack and candy food. These will drag your body down and trigger you to run more slowly than before.

2.Foam roll:

 If you are always running, you will actually feel those tight muscles. Ease them up to avoid injury with this self-massage technique you can do with a foam roller. Foam rolling enhances circulation, preparing the body for exercise and aiding in post-workout recovery.  And because rolling breaks down knots that limit range of motion, it preps muscles for stretching.

3. Keep it regular by increasing your time weekly: 

Start by adding ten minutes to your run every fourteen days. Adding ten minutes to your time will increase your distance by almost a mile and after four weeks or six weeks, it will surely add up. If adding ten minutes every fourteen days looks too slow, try doing five to ten minutes every week instead. Don’t go overboard on it; avoid adding too much time and distance because it usually results in injury.

4. Do more than run: 

Do not limit yourself to improving your pace just while you are on the road. There are several things you can do while you are not running that can assist you, like stretching after every run, strength training frequently, and getting enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep makes it hard to concentrate, may impair your appetite and causes irritability. A sleep debt can negatively affect your running. Get good rest for the best results.

5. Have a plan:

 It is not all about consistency; you should also keep your body challenged. Running outside instead of on the treadmill, for instance, builds your muscle to help increase speed and endurance, incorporating high-intensity techniques like sprints will enable you to improve your overall distance time as well.

What is 60/120’s?  60/120’s are sprinting hard for 60 seconds and jog/walk for 120 seconds.

It helps a lot with cardio building. In the military they do a lot of 60/120’s and it helps the soldiers  when they have to do their 2 mile physical training test.

6. Learn proper form: 

It may look like the simplest way to workout, but running does require skill to make sure you do not leave your body susceptible to injury. While running, keep your head pumped over your spine, loosen up the shoulders, and engage your abs.

7.Dress the part: 

It is not necessary to invest in something very expensive but nonetheless ensure that you spend wisely. Wearing a good pair of sneakers can be the difference between feeling slow and being light on your feet and it can also prevent injuries.

Every person has different feet and some people can’t wear the brands they really like. For example, I love the Nike Free shoes but I can’t wear them because I am flat footed and if I wear them on a long run I will start getting shin splints.

For my sake I needed something with more sole so I had to stray away from my comfort zone and get something that will help me. So with that being said, do research on what ever shoe you are interested in before you get it and see if it’s the right fit for you before you waste money on a shoe that’s going to hurt you.

Thank You For Stopping By

I hope these tips help out, if you have any other tips that could help improve on becoming a better runner, please feel free to share. For any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

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