tips for healthy eating

10 tips for healthy eating

Healthy eating is important for happy life without any illness like heart diseases or laziness. Healthy eating will give you an energetic life. Whether you are sports man or businessman healthy eating will always help you out. Healthy food basically depends upon calories you eat daily. If you eat less with respect to your consuming calories, you will become physically weak and if you eat more calories than your consuming, you will become fatty. So the best way is to maintain a balance diet.

The total amount of calories required for men is about 2500 calories and for women are about 2000 calories.

Healthy eating is not harder but it is a simple way which is easier to follow. It does not require you to leave all the food which you love. Here are some of the tips for healthy eating which will help you to choose the right way for becoming healthy.

     Healthy Breakfast

Some people usually miss their breakfast which is not good for health. As you sleep whole night and early in the morning your body needs glycogen and energy. If you miss your breakfast you will feel fatigue and dehydrated. On the other hand, it will also lead you severe problems like heart diseases, drop of sugar level and slowdown metabolism etc.

  • The number of calories required for healthy breakfast is 300 calories to 400 calories. The best breakfast I prefer is;
  • Peanut butter and banana sandwich (406 Cal)
  • Cheesy Eggs on Toast (391 Cal) etc.

So keep an eye on your breakfast diet so that your working day will be full of activeness.

      Eating Fruits And Vegetables

Eating fruits and vegetables is the one of intriguing choice to become healthy. Some people don’t like vegetables, for those fruits are the best choice. You can eat fruits in daily bases or you can crush them for juice. Both choices are healthy. So make a routine to eat fruits or vegetables on daily basis.

Here I should also share some of the vegetables and fruits with respect to calories so that you can be able to make a balance way for balance diet. Try to use vegetables salad in daily routine. And eat cooked vegetables thrice a week. Some of the fruits are

  • Avocado (320 Cal)
  • Banana (111 Cal)
  • Mango (202 Cal)
  • Some of the Vegetables are:
  • Cabbage (227 Cal)
  • Corn (562 Cal)
  • Spinach (78 Cal)

So you can check it out according to your consuming.

     Always Drink Water

Drinking water is one of the most important fact regarding health. And with respect to healthy eating it plays a very important role. There are many opinions regarding drinking water but health authorities recommend that 8 glasses of water which is equal to 2 liters or half a gallon of water is necessary for a person daily. But drinking at least 10 glass is helpful. Drinking less water can cause fatigue, frequent illness, constipation, poor skin health, and decreased urination. In hot summer drink more water and person who used to do exercise must drink water a lot in order to beware of dehydration.

     Food Having Proteins

For health and good metabolism food having protein is best choice. Protein food not only helps you in fast metabolism but also it reduces appetite, increases muscles size, increases fat burning, maintains blood pressure and helps in weight loss.

Some of the food having proteins are :

  • Diary Products
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Seafood etc.

     Fat Intake

Fat intake is good but until you cross limit in fats eating. There are two types of fats, one is saturated and other is unsaturated fats. Greater intake of fats can lead to severe problems but balanced diet of fats is important for health. Saturated fats are not good for health but unsaturated fats are helpful in maintaining health. Saturated fats can raise your cholesterol level. So the better choice is unsaturated fats. The food containing unsaturated fats is Olive, peanut, and canola oils etc.

     Reduce Highly Salty Food

Greater amount of salt is dangerous for health. Highly salted food can raise your blood pressure and rising blood pressure causes greater chances of heart attack. Even when we refrain from adding additional salt to our meals, it's important to recognize that processed foods or beverages frequently contain substantial amounts of salt. Try to

  • Use lower sodium content
  • Avoid things having greater salts content

     Seafood Intake

Try to eat seafood 2 or 3 times in a week. Seafood decreases the chances of heart attack and obesity. Scientific studies explored that sea food contain unique type of fats which help in the prevention of chronic and long lasting diseases. One of the benefit of seafood is it contains a balanced diet like proteins, fats and calories. Some of the seafood are Salmon, Rainbow trout, Sardines and Mackerel. So make a habit of using seafood in your diet in order to get better health.


     Use Organic Food

Think critically about the fact that what you are eating? Where it comes from? The food you are eating is prepared under healthy conditions or not? Organic food is the food which is prepared without any synthetic interruption. The healthiest food in the planet is organic food because it will fulfill all the basic needs of your body without any harm. Just balancing your diet in a healthy manner is not the proper route towards health but it also depends upon the nature of food.


     Slow Eating

Slow eating is beneficial for health. If you eat slowly it will help you in better digestion, better hydration and easier weight maintenance. On the other hand if you eat faster it will leads to poor digestion, increase weight and lowers satisfaction towards meal. So eating slowly is better option for you.


     Proper Exercise Daily – Healthy Eating

If you are taking healthy food and eating daily but not consuming it in a better way, it will leads you to obesity and obesity will leads you towards heart disease. So exercise daily for better health and running is one of the best exercises which I prefer. So, good food and exercise is best for health.

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