how to remove dark circles - Best Ways to Quickly get rid of Bags Under Eyes, Puffiness & Dark Circles

Best Ways to Quickly get rid of Bags Under Eyes, Puffiness & Dark Circles

Every age group faces this problem of Bags under eyes and mostly all of us hate them. Most of times it also include dark circles and puffiness under or around the eyes. This is common problem among many people but you should never ignore this.

how to remove dark circles

Puffiness also referred as Bags under the eye is not only makes you older and bad about yourself but it also decrease your confidence level while facing anyone, Specially in young age.

So the main question here is How can you quickly cure & get rid of Bags under eyes, dark circles under the eyes or that under Eye puffiness.

If you’re young and you can have makeup on your face then you can quick fix the dark circles under the eyes easily with some kind of under eye concealer. The similar way to remove them is to use creams for whitening under eyes. Some creams are temporary while some can bring results. You can find some dark spot removal creams here.

Now back to the point, What can you do to remove those fat under eye bags and get rid of dark circles forever. Well its time consuming but not impossible, there are many ways to quickly fix the dark spots and puffy eyes without treatment or surgery.

What causes Bags Under Eyes OR Puffiness under the eyes

You must understand this if you really want to cure those bags under the eyes. Mostly this happens because of skin tissues under the eyes gets weaken, sag or dead. This makes fluid to accumulate beneath the eyes which create the swollen appearance.

Seasonal allergies, lots of smoking, alcohol, drugs, bad or unfiltered water, lack of sleep are the main reason that causes the under eye skin to get weak and create dark spots under the eyes. You can try changing these habits for your own good. It’s good to do something today that you glad doing it after tomorrow or years later.

Discussed enough. Best ways to prevent under eye puffiness is to follow what I said in above text. Read it for your own good.

Best ways to Quickly Get Rid of Under Eye Bags

This will help you not only get rid of puffiness but also how to prevent them from happening again. Also remember that natural ways are best cure for bags under eye and helps you to reduce and remove puffiness without treatment.

I’ve also mentioned few home treatments below in short, If you want to read more about those home remedies and treatments for under eye bags or dark circles then read this post.

1.Start Yoga Face lift

This could be the permanent solution for many kind of under eye skin problems. It will help you to quickly cure dead tissue problems as well as tighten the skin under the eye. YOGA FACELIFT EXERCISES improves facial muscles a lot and slowly improve the tone and bring glow on your face. Here is the book for The Yoga Facelift exercises  that you should follow. This would help any person regardless of his age group.

2. Keep allergies away

As I’ve told you earlier in this post that allergies are the main reason most of the times that causes dark circles and bags under eye. Even when you catch cold for longer period of time, it causes veins and dark spots under the eye. It would be advisable for you to attend to this matter. To control you seasonal allergies, you can try out natuaral remedies and nutrition which suits you so you can cure seasonal allergies as soon as you catch it.

3. Make sure to cleanse your face and remove any makeup before going to sleep.

Makeup on your eyes is irritating and it can cause your eye skin serious problem while you rub them continuously. So better you should always remove and wash your makeup before going to bed, it will help you keep the skin tight and nice.

4. All Natural Eye Creams

Most of the times, dehydration of skin is caused by aging that leads to lack of collagen. So the moisturizing becomes essential. There are so many anti aging cream available but I’ll recommend you to use homemade eye cream every morning or night. I’d suggest one more eye bag cream. It will help you regenerate your dead skin cells and tighten your skin.

5. Stop smoking immediately

Smocking cigarettes is injurious not only for your lungs but it also dries your eye that causes bags on under eye skin. It is found in the study that smoking can cause irritation which leads to dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness under the eye.

6. Sun exposure and UV Sunglasses

Exposing face and skin to sun for long time isn’t a good idea specially. It can cause wrinkles around the eyes and causes dehydration of the skin. Pair of UV Sunglasses and Sunscreen cream can help you protect your eyes from that exposure whenever you go out, It will keep the skin cells healthy from darkening effects and harmful rays. There are lots of cheap deals available for sunglasses on amazon.

7. Reduce puffiness with Cucumber

Another very effective way to reduce swollen and puffiness. This way of under eye home treatment is very old and you may have already seen at most of the makeup & beauty store. All you need to do is put one slice of cucumber on each 0f your eyes. Its recommended to use cool cucumber.

8. Steel spoons and tea bags as eye pads

Simple yet effective way to reduce puffiness. Keep bunch of spoons in refrigerator, let them cool for a while. Now take out 2 of them, close your eyes and put them on top of your eyes while touching some of your under eye skin too. Another way to reduce puffy eyes is to take 2 chilled tea bags with drop of lavender oil and put them on eyes. This is very helpful under eye quick fix treatment mask which you can use.

9. Add more collagen in Diet

Its the most abundant protein in the body which holds our whole body together and helps reproduce the dead skin cells. Collagen production in body slow down according to age. So you should take care of this with your diet. You can try out supplements and protein powder to increase collagen in your body a little bit.

Make sure you read home remedies on how to make masks to cure the dark circle under the eye  and get rid of bags under the eyes within few weeks.

Note: Do not rub too much while applying anything around the eye. Always try natural ways to get rid of Under eye bags and dark circles. If you feel any irritation while using any cream or something, immediately go to your doctor.


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