How to get rid of milia :simple home remedies

How to get rid of milia with simple home remedies?


Are you worried of the Milia on your face and want to know how to get rid of milia then you are welcome as today we are going to share the tips to get rid of milia. We will not only tell how to get rid of milia but we will also give complete detail of milia , how it creates and its treatment as well.

What is Milia?

Milia is a skin issue in which some tinywhite and yellow spots appear on the face. They are like milk so they it is called milia. These bumps appear not only on around the eyes but also on the forehead, ckeeks and nose as well. Some people can have these spots on the chest as well.

Milia are actully a small cysts that appear on the face, it look untidy although it is harmless. These cysts are filled with Keratin. These can appear in babies and elders as well.  The tiny milia  bumps that can appear at any age. Sometimes it disappears after some days but some time it remains for many time or years.

Cause of Milia

Milia appear on the face when the skin is not removing the dead sells itself. The main causes of milia are dirt, low quality make up , injuries, use of medicine, sun shine and cheap skin care products. The one and only main reason is that the skin is not properly exfoliating.

How to get rid of milia on face?

  •   Regular cleansing

If you want to get rid of milia then keep your face clean on daily basis. Do the regular cleansing of your skin with a good and natural cleansing milk. For the babies it is required to clean their face with a luke warm towel once a day .

The children should wash the face once a day whilw the elders need to wash the face thrice  a day.

  • Using a good Sun Block

Sun razes also cause the milia so you can take some good sun block to avoid the sun razes. Always take a light sun block.

  • Take some exfoliating cream

Milia in adults could be treated with the use of some good exfoliated product.You can take a good moisturizer to apply on the whole face and also a targetted treatment directly on the spots. You can also take some retinol for this purpose as well. If you take the retinol then apply only a tiny drop on your affected area. You should avoid using it near the eyes.

  • Don’t scratch the spots

Most of the people try to scratch the tiny milia spots but this is not good. It would disappear after some weeks but if you snatch it , then it will leave spots for ever on your face. The pores will open and your milia will become more harder. So avoid it.

  • Avoid heavy cream and low quality makeup

If you will apply heavy cream and makeup to hide milia it can create more dust. It can block your pores. Try to use simple creams and light shade base and makeup.

  • NiacUse in and Biotin Supplements

If you are not getting rid of milia and still you want to know how to get rid of milia under eye. Then you can also take some Niacin and Biotin supplements. Niacin is a good source of vitamin B3 that is best for skin health.It is helpful to release the milia faster from your skin.

  • Consult a dermatologist

This is the last step to get rid of milia then talk to your dermatologist. In the case if your milia is not vanishing after using all above mention tips then ask about having the milia lanced. The physician remove the milia with a needle .So this is how to get rid of milia with a needle.

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