foot problems - Problems arising on foot

 Problems arising on foot

It has been seen that around 75% of all Americans does face some kind of foot problem at least once throughout their life. Problems arising on foot have been seen due to overuse or abuse of the feet. Foot problems can also lead to congenital malformations or deformities.  As it is said, prevention is better than cure, immediate action has to be taken once you encounter with any kind of foot problems. There are various reasons that initiates problems arising on foot, if kept neglected can lead to immobility or intense pain.


About foot design

Anatomy of human ankle and foot is a strong mechanical structure comprising of 33 joints, 26 bones and hundreds of ligaments, muscles and tendons. The foot comprises three sections: the hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot. Hind foot comprises of ankle bone and the heel bones. Human lower leg has, tibia and fibula (two long bones) connecting with the talus forming ankle.


Mid foot features

Mid foot features navicular, cuboid and three cuneiform bones forming a foot arch. This foot arch is designed in such a way that it acts as a shock absorber. With the help of muscles and plantar fascia the mid foot is connected with the hind and fore foot.


Fore foot features

The fore foot consist of five proximal long bones along with five toes forming metatarsus. Toe bones are called as phalanges. Four toes have 3 phalanges and the big toe have 2 phalanges.


What causes foot problems?

There are five main reasons for causing foot problem. One main reason for foot problem is trauma- that includes sprains, fractures, soft tissue injuries and lacerations. Second main reason for foot problem would be inflammatory conditions such as gout or arthritis. Third main reason for causing foot problem is mechanical problem due to non traumatic nature such as; tendonitis, flat feet or bunions. Fourth category would be nerve and vascular problems seen among diabetes and peripheral artery disease. Last category includes- a miscellaneous category i.e. foot problems caused due to plantar warts, calluses, toe nail disorders and dermatological


Common foot problems

There are various types of common foot problems such as; Corns and calluses, Athlete’s foot, bunions, ankle sprain, broken toe, stress fracture foot, turf toe, tarsal tunnel syndrome, broken foot/ankle, foot cramps, cracked heels, ingrown toenail, overpronation, clubfoot, diabetic foot, foot odour, pigeon toed, sweaty feet, toenail fungus, black toenail, fallen arches and neuroma. These all foot problem can be easily cured by a foot doctor. Once your foot problem is detected by the podiatrists or the foot and ankle surgeons or by the orthopaedists, they can help to prevent future foot disorders and foot diseases with the help of medications or surgery or some preventive measures.


Detection of foot problems

Today most of us take our feet for granted. So, if you are facing some kind of foot problem, it is advisable to consult a foot doctor. These doctors are highly qualified and trained to detect, treat and cure all foot related issues. These foot doctors, generally ask for your or your family’s medical history along with your daily activities so that they can encounter the possible cause of your foot problem. Few foot problems can be detected easily while some takes time to detect. For such kind of foot problem, diagnostic and imaging testing is done for complete foot examination.


Treatment of foot problems

Today, there are numerous ways to cure problems arising on foot. Depending upon your foot problem, a doctor will decide the treatment. Common foot treatment includes- changing your footwear or cut down in the amount of doing certain activities that causes foot problems. For example; your doctor will suggest you to stay off your toe or foot for much longer period of time. He may suggest using crutches, cast or a leg brace. For minor foot problems, shoe inserts, heel cups or pads might benefit you. In extreme cases, such as stubborn bunion doctors recommends for foot surgery.



Most foot treatment is beneficial and cost effective to overcome with the pain and reduction of inflammations. Ibuprofen is mostly suggested by the doctor for mild to moderate problems. For severe swellings and pains, doctor might prescribe a cortisone injection or anti-inflammatory drugs. Physical therapy might be added as a part of your foot treatment.



Best way to stay away from foot problems is by taking immediate action so that the condition does not get worse. As your foot is your wheels make sure to consult your foot problem with your foot doctor to overcome with the situation.

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