Erectile Dysfunction :Top Different Reasons

Top Different Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a prevalent physical ailment that has impacted almost millions of males globally. This physical ailment leads to the failure in the tendency of the male to attain and also sustain a desirable erection, long enough for pleasurable physical activity. Today this physical ailment has already impacted around eighteen million males in America itself. Although this physical syndrome can impact men of any age group but it is more common among males who are above the age group of 40 years. So with every passing year of age, the risk of the occurrence of this physical ailment increases.

When an individual is having symptoms of erectile failures, the doctor tries to ascertain the causative factor behind it. There can be many causative factors ranging from physiological, psychological to emotional ones. Although it is the physician who is capable of finding the main causative factor for your ED symptoms, given below are a few of the main causes for this particular of the physical syndrome.

Main causative factors for Erectile Dysfunction


Well, obesity is a risk factor for the occurrence of quite a large number of diseases & even ED is not left behind. When an individual is overweight, the hormone present in the body by the name of testosterone gets transformed into another one estrogen. So it has already been determined that when the individual is being overweight and leading a sedentary lifestyle, this may turn out to be a causative factor of this physical syndrome.

However, through the alternation in your lifestyle, losing weight, and exercising regularly, you will start experiencing achieving better and even satisfactory of erections for a desirable period of time. So by losing weight and exercising, you will be in a Cenforce 100 to improve your physical health as well.


When an individual is diabetic, it may exert a damaging impact on the nerves, muscular system as well as blood vessels. Due to this damaging impact, there can be the issue of erectile failure that may arise as there is a disruption in the adequate supply of blood towards the penile tissues. It is the nerves along with the blood vessels that are playing a crucial role in the entire mechanism of the blood flow and the erection to take place. So with the growing age the diabetic male is at the risk of occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

Heart ailments

When an individual is suffering from the cardiac syndrome, there occurs the development of plaque within the arterial walls. Due to the blockages developed within the arteries, there is a restriction to the smooth flow of blood through it. Thus the supply of oxygenated blood to the muscles of the heart gets blocked due to the constriction of the arteries.

The rich blood supply to the penis tissues takes place through these blood-carrying arteries. So ED is much more prevalent among individuals who are already having some kind of cardiac issues. It has been found that when an individual is having a heart ailment, he is at a greater risk towards the physical syndromes. Alternatively, patients who are having physical disorder are at a greater hazard towards the occurrence of cardiovascular syndromes.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is not actually the direct causative factor for the manifestation of this physical syndrome. But during the time of the administration of the treatment therapy, like chemotherapy or operation that leads to the removal of the entire of the prostate gland, the patients might experience the side effects of this as the difficulty in achieving adequate erection.

There might be the possibility that the symptoms of ED that are experienced by the patients of prostate cancer are temporary, however this condition needs medical attention & Fildena 100 of most appropriate treatment for ED.

Mental health problems

Brain is the most vital organ which is responsible for the entire mechanism of erection. So when an individual is suffering from some kind of mental health issues, for example, stress, performance anxiety, then the organ brain won’t be capable of creating out the most appropriate of nerve connections along with the production of hormones that are required for attaining adequate and desirable erections.

There are many mental health issues which are quite common among individuals today like depression, anxiety, there might be relationship issues between the couple, all these factor are trigger to the frequent erectile failure in men. Even addiction to pornography and facing anxiety while performing in bed may serve as the causative agent for this physical illness. However, the good thing is that through the right consultation, advice, and appropriate course of therapy, Cenforce 150 can be easily cured for ED.

Growing age

Well, risk of several health issues rises with the growing age. The chances of the ED are also the same in this way. The males who are belonging to the age group of 40 years have around a 12% chance of the occurrence of this physical disorder, and Fildena 150 to improve male enhances with the growing age. 50% of the males who are above the age group of 50 years may have the tendency to experience the symptoms of erectile failures at certain point.

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