stress free life : Ways to Treat Stress with Home Massage Therapy

Ways to Treat Stress with Home Massage Therapy

If you are a housewife, then dealing with the dirty dishes and cleaning the houses is a daily chore; honestly, you can’t get out of it. If there’s one wish we housewives could ask for, then it probably is the one where the house doesn’t get dirty or a relaxation therapy, which will de-stress us after the daily chores.

Although it’s fun to ask for such things, we know that this cannot happen. Also, stressing over the house chores is not taking us anywhere; instead, we can indulge in massage therapy at home. Doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors have recommended massage therapy because of its numerous benefits.

Here are a few massages you can totally try at your home:

Deep tissue: Start with some slower strokes and more pressure so it can reach the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues.

Swedish: This is a gentle massage, which initiates with gentle and long strokes; its main aim is to provide relaxation and relief from tension.

Trigger Point: This massage helps to give relief from tension due to overuse or injury.

Sports: Different techniques are combined in order to help in relieving sports strain or injury.

What benefits does massage therapy have?


De-stress and relaxation are known the benefit of massage therapies; massage can substantially range from low pressure to high pressure or deep tissue. Some other benefits are: 

  • Muscles are relaxed!

Massage therapies are known to relax the muscles and ease tension; this is why massage has become highly popular among the common folks these days. A relaxing therapy at home will help you to relax your muscles and remove the fatigue you experience due to the constant physical work at home.

  • Immunity increases!

Body’s lymph flow is stimulated, which in turns helps to increase the immune fiction; regular massage will not only keep you healthy from inside but also promotes an agile immune system.

  • Lessen injury effect and advances the flexibility

It is a known-fact that stretching the muscles helps to improve the flexibility of the body; that’s why athletes and sportsperson often indulge in a regular massage or do stretch daily so that they are not prone to any injury during the game.

  • Helps improve the sleep!

As per multiple studies, it is proved that massages positively affect sleep; if you face sleep issues due to stress or any other reason, then a regular massage can help you to get relief from it.

  • Less stay in Hospital

According to a study, women stay fewer days in the hospital after the delivery time if they have indulged in a prenatal massage. The research regarding this is not still done, but according to them it increases the blood flow and gives relaxation to them.


Equipment to use for massage at home 

Massage taken regularly from a professional therapist is the best way to get most of the benefits from the massage therapy; therapists of best massage therapy in Toronto believe that regular massage can help a person to live a happy and peaceful life, which will increase their productivity.

Housewives may find it hard for them to find time for this incredible activity and sometimes it’s even the money issues. However, you can even try some of the techniques at home, which is cheaper and will give the same benefits:

     1.Massage cane for acupressure

For this, you can use an inexpensive s-shaped cane, which is useful to provide a wonderful trigger point therapy. You can reach those areas of your back, which otherwise are difficult to reach. You can use the cane in the middle of some work and while watching any show.

     2. Rumble Roller

It is a great choice to do deep tissue massage at home; it is an essential basic foam roller with spikes that can reach the deeper muscles. You can afford them easily and they are super-effective if you are willing to use them regularly.

     3. Massage Pillow

This is effective and you can even choose it as a gift for a near or dear one. Massage pillows like Shiatsu, with their infrared heat and four rotating nodes that move in either direction, can help you relax and loosen the muscles of your body.

Final Words: Massage has great benefits and you can use the above equipment or techniques to get the cheap massage at home; these are beneficial and can help you get rid of fatigue and stress you experience in daily life.

However, for bigger issues, like severe back pain, visit a physician and accordingly indulge in a massage session, so that you get rid of these issues naturally.


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