Benefits of Leeks

 Health Benefits of Leeks

Leeks- Prevent Ovarian Cancer, Control LDL Level and Upgrade HDL Percentage

 If you check the e-books, journals and culinary recipes, you will have excellent idea about the conventional and modern cooking processes.  You will see that lot of changes have occurred with times proceeding.  To be frank, modern culinary process has got a new facelift with the advent of new technology.    Medical scientists and researchers have done extensive probing to make the nutritious recipes which can spoon feed people well by offering vitamins, proteins and other nutrients. Now the selection process must be done with accuracy so that you will not suffer from the dearth of nutrients and vitamins to ensure proper enrichment of your body.

Benefits of Leeks

Leek is such a vegetable which is packed with your favorite nutrients and body building vitamins.  You will have to take proper care of your health as the perfect growth of your body and mind depends on the presence of the perfect percentage of vitamins and proteins in the body.  It will help you to build up your body comfortably.   This vegetable has a cylinder type shape with leafy structure. This nutritious vegetable can be nestled in green house in better ambience.  Leek seeds can be spread in the garden. During winter times these leek seeds will bloom into saplings. It can grow even in tormented climatic condition. However, one should take proper pre-emptive measures to protect the plants from erosion, infection and mildew.  Insecticide and pesticide solutions can be applied to the leek plants for getting brilliant result.

Leek belongs to Allium lineup. If you watch the leek from close distance, you will see that the stem of the vegetable is succulent and it can be eaten for bringing energy back to the body. Stalks of the leeks are also edible. You can prepare the delicious food items by using this vegetable.   At the same time, there are a number of positive features of leeks.

Blood Sugar Prevention:

If you take leeks, the risk of being affected by blood sugar will be down to a great extent. According to scientists, after much investigation and experiments, researchers have found that the level of blood sugar is directly influenced by some major vitamins like C and B6 and other nutritious elements.  These vitamins are more effective to control the blood sugar level.   Sugar should be kept under control to ensure better physical wellness program.

HDL and LDL Control:

If a person feels it urgent to consume leeks regularly, his HDL level will be higher.   At the same time the level of LDL will be under control. For this reason, doctors recommend leeks for patients who suffer from poor LDL and HDL levels.

Check Plaques:

Leek intake is also conducive to the betterment of physical wellness process.  On the other hand, plaque is detrimental to the body and massive production of plaques can snowball into the onset of atherosclerosis plus diabetes.   Even due to the spread of plaques in the body will encourage the high risks of occurrence of cardiac disorder.

Better Digestion Process:

Leek consumption leads to the production of better result in the enhancement of excellent metabolic system. Digestive process will be speedy and obstruction free.  Food will be properly digested and split into vitamins, proteins and nutrients to energy tissues and muscles.  Blood circulation will be smooth and free of obstruction.

Prevent Ovarian Cancer:

Leek is also helpful to the prevention of ovarian cancer.   Pregnant females should eat food which contains good amount of leeks.   They will get relief from the chance of being attacked by cancer in the ovary.

Uses of Leeks:

According to dieticians, leeks don’t produce any side effect.  Nor are these vegetables harmful to the women and children as well.  If you like to eat leeks, you can take it in shape of soup.  This nutritious food provides adequate amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins inclusive of nutrients for the enhancement of the physical aesthete and glamour.

Recipes of Leeks:

Leek vegetables are conducive to the proper growth of body and mind.  The natural strength will be more if you take leek leaves/stalks or stems in the form of soup, and other nutritious food products on regular basis.   Leek soup is very tasty and easy to cook at home. If you read some well informative culinary books, you will be able to collect lot of information about different recipes on leeks.   Before using leeks, you will have to remove the outer layers of vegetables and try to utilize the inner pulp of this vegetable.  Slice the vegetable into proper pieces for cooking soup.

Leeks prevent cancer, minimize   LDL and heighten the level of HDL in the blood. It also performs excellently to enhance the smooth blood circulation as well.  It tastes just like onions to some extent.  In this connection, you will have to opt for specially prepared recipes which will help you to cook the high quality food stuff containing leeks. However, you will have to use leeks after consultation with your doctors as the over-percentage of oxalates in the food can produce ill-impact on human health.  Leeks have oxalate component.

Composition of Leeks in 100 grams


Nutrition per value in 100gm




1.50 (g)

Fat Total

0.30 (g)


14.15 (g)

Fiber - Total

1.80 (g)

Sugar - Total

3.90 (g)


59.00 (mg)


2.10 (mg)


28.00 (mg)


35.00 (mg)


180.00 (mg)


20.00 (mg)


0.12 (mg)


0.12 (mg)


0.48 (mg)


1.00 (mg)

Vitamin C

12.00 (mg)


0.06 (mg)


0.03 (mg)


0.40 (mg)


0.23 B6 (mg)

Folate - Total

64.00 (mcg)

Food - Folate

64.00 (mcg)

Folate - DFE

64.00 (mcg_DEF)

Vitamin B12

0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin A

1667.00 (IU)


0.00 (mcg)

Vitamin E

0.92 (mg)

Vitamin K

47.00 (mcg)

Fat - Saturated

0.04 (g)

Fat - Monounsaturated

0.00 (g)

Fat - Polyunsaturated

0.17 (g)


0.00 (mg)

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