Tamarind Leaves : Uses of Health

Uses Of Tamarind Leaves For Health

Tamarind Leaves

Tamarind leaves is a well known herb that is not only used for good culinary taste but also for the treatment of many ailments. It is a native plant of Asia found mainly in the spring months. The fruit, bark and the leaves are all put to use in culinary preparations or in some medicinal uses. Here, I shall enlist the uses of tamarind leaves so that it comes to your aid whenever needed.

Here Are The 19 Uses Of Tamarind Leaves For Health:

1. Treats Bowel Movement

Tamarind has dietary fiber that is useful for treating bile salts. It acts as a laxative and is used for regular bowel movements. To become free from constipation, one can have two teaspoons powder derived from the dried leaves of tamarind. It thus is a gentle laxative.

2. Maintains Good Heart Health

The presence of phenols in tamarind keeps away or rather helps to maintain lower level of cholesterol which is very essential for good cardiovascular condition.

3. Helps Growth Of RBC

The red blood corpuscles(RBC) are essential for maintaining the haemoglobin level of the blood. Tamarind is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals necessary for then proper build up of these RBCs. It also acts as a blood purifier.

4. Treats Piles

Many people suffering from piles can get refuge from this problem by consuming the juice derived from the dried leaves of tamarind. It acts as a great ailment for this problem.

5. Treats Parasites Of Human Body

The leaves of tamarind are used in sub acid infusions that help in killing the tapeworms present in the human body. Consumption of the paste of tamarind leaves in a form of paste helps to treat intestinal parasites.

6. Treats Sore Throat

A person from throat infection can get rid of this problem by consuming the paste of tamarind in a diluted form. Take tamarind paste in lukewarm water and gargle with this to free yourself from a painful throat infection.

7. Frees From Mouth Ulcers

Ulcers are sometimes caused by the consumption of hot and spicy food or may be when you bite your mouth by mistake. So, if you take the pulp of tamarind mixed with coriander and mint will help in the treatment of mouth ulcers.

8. Cures Gastric Problem

Tamarind leaves can be used to treat problems of gastritis, flatulence and digestion problems.

9. Heals Fever

Tamarind leaves are said to be used in herbal tea decoctions that are given to individuals suffering from fever and chills.

10. Supplies Vitamin C

A person suffering from the deficiency of vitamin C can be given the powder of the dried leaves of tamarind for proper supply of this vitamin to the body.

11. Treats Jaundice

Decoction of the tamarind leaves is used for treating jaundice and stomach ulcers.

12. Helps In Enzyme Metabolism

Tamarind leaves are rich in vitamins, folic acid, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin- these are all necessary for proper metabolism of the enzymes of the human body thus acting as an antioxidant for the body.

13. Acts As An Antioxidant

Tamarind is rich in tartaric acid and this property of the plant helps the body to get rid of harmful radicals thus acting as a proper antioxidant for the body.

14. Treats Inflammation

The powdered form of tamarind leaves mixed with turmeric helps in the healing of inflammation and sores of the body

15. Heals Cancer

The phytochemical geraniol properties of tamarind prevents pancreatic tumor growth thus preventing a person from suffering from cancer. It thus helps a body to generate antioxidants that keeps it free from the production of harmful radicals responsible for cancer growth in the body.

16. Cures Malaria

People suffering from malaria have a tendency of having high fever often throughout then disease. The consumption of tea made from tamarind leaves helps a person to be free from malaria.

17. Maintains Low Diabetes Rate

The tamarind leaves helps in maintaining a normal glucose rate the abnormality of which highers the insulin level of the body thus leading to high diabetes. So tamarind leaves are good in maintaining a normal diabetic rate of the body.

18. Antidote For Insect Bites

Tamarind leaves’ paste is used for the treatment of insect bites and sores. It treats open sores and heals styes and burns.

19. Reduces Swelling Of Joints

Paste of tamarind leaves is used for treating joint pains and strains of muscles of legs, hands and shoulders, a person suffering from arthritis can also benefit from the leaves of tamarind. It helps in reducing swelling of joints.

These are some of the effects of tamarind leaves that will help to maintain a good health at times of ailment.

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