Health Benefits of Tomatoes

 Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Believe it or not but tomatoes does not come under the category of vegetable it is actually a fruit. Tomatoes are rich in a vast array of minerals and vitamins that provide numerous health benefits to the human body.Tomatoes are rich sources of folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, fibre, antioxidants and potassium. Tomatoes boast for having more great qualities such as; the nutritional properties of tomatoes do not get lost while overcooking. Tomatoes come in various sizes, flavours, textures and shapes, they make a shoppers treat. You can have tomatoes sliced or chopped into fresh salsas, there is uncountable recipe and variety for every palette.

 Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Composition of Tomatoes in 100 grams

Nutrition per value in 100gm






0.20 g

Fat Total

3.92 g


1.20 g

Fiber - Total


Sugar - Total

10.00 mg


0.27 mg


11.00 mg




237.00 mg


5.00 mg


0.17 mg




0.11 mg




12.70 mg

Vitamin C



0.02 mg


0.59 mg


0.08 mg

Vitamin B6

15.00 mcg

Folate - Total

15.00 mcg

Food - Folate

15.00 mcg_DEF

Folate - DFE

mcg 0.00

Vitamin B12

833.00 IU

Vitamin A

0.00 mcg


0.54 mg

Vitamin E

7.90 mcg

Vitamin K

0.05 g

Fat - Saturated

0.05 g

Fat - Monounsaturated

0.14 g

Fat - Polyunsaturated

0.00 mg


Here are some of the health benefits of Tomatoes:

Help to purify blood:

Regular consumption of tomatoes helps to purify the blood.

Prevent cancer:

Tomatoes contains high amount of lycopene i.e. a kind of antioxidant therefore it act as a natural cancer fighting agent. Tomatoes while eaten raw is liked by many people but when cooked it is more beneficial. When you cook tomatoes in oil then the fat-soluble lycopenes get fully released so that it gets absorb by the human body. Bright red colour tomatoes have the highest amount of lycopene and betacarotene.

Ensure good skin health:

Tomatoes makes an excellent facial pack and can also be used in a form of facial peel. Whichever skin type you have, tomatoes works magic for all skin types. Not only that, tomatoes when rubbed on the infected areas of blackheads help to open the clogged pores and reduces blackheads and remove dead skin. To make an excellent face pack you just need to take a tomato slice and rub on the face for 15 minutes. Let the juice gets dry, then wash your face with water. Tomatoes help to restore natural skin radiance and reduce skin blemishes.

Prevent liver diseases:

A glass of tomato juice is sufficient enough to regenerate the destroyed, damaged or surgically removed liver. A tomato contain high amount of sulphur and chlorine that help in proper liver functions. Tomatoes also protect the liver from any sort of congestion and help to dissolve gallstones.

Having antiseptic properties:

These antiseptic properties of tomatoes protect the body against various infections and helps in healing wounds sores and sunburn.

Maintain strong bones:

Tomatoes contains essential nutrients such as vitamin K and calcium which acts as a helping hand in performing minor bones repair, bone tissue repairs and strengthening the bones.

Fight against cancer:

As per various studies, tomatoes contain high amount of lycopene i.e. a kind of antioxidant which helps in reducing the chances of various types of cancer such as prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and the stomach cancer. Presence of lycopene works effectively to slow down the growth of carcinogenic cells.

Repair damage caused due to smoking:

We all know about the harmful effects of smoking. But if you consume tomatoes on a daily basis it will help to reduce the level of damaged done to your body caused due to smoking. Presence of chlorogenic acid and coumaric acid works wonder to protect the body from cancer causing cells that mostly occur from cigarette smoke.

Ensure healthy heart:

Tomatoes contain a great deal of potassium and vitamin B; they are effective in the reduction of cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure. So, once you start consuming tomatoes on a regular basis you will keep you heart safe and prevent any kind of heart disease including strokes, heart attacks other heart related problems.

Ensure good hair growth:

Because of vitamin A in tomatoes, your hair can get that strength and shine in your hair. On the other hand, tomatoes works wonder for your bones, teeth and your eyes.

Good For your kidney:

Tomatoes are packed with valuable minerals so when consumed deseeded in your diet, it help to reduce the chances of kidney stones.

Provide good eye health:

We all know, vitamin A helps to maintain proper eye health. Tomatoes contain high amount of vitamin A, which act as a helping hand to improve your vision. Regular consumption of tomatoes helps to prevent night blindness.


Uses of Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are used in various ways, it can be used in a form of tomato juice or eaten raw in salads or modified into ketchup. Even you can used the unripe fried green tomatoes pickle and to make salsa. It can also be used in making pasta, Mexican and Italian cuisines.

Some of the useful recipes of Tomatoes:

  1.  In a plate nicely arrange the sliced tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and then add salt and pepper.
  2. Put the boiled tomatoes in a blender and make a smooth puree. Strain the puree through a soup strainer. Reheat the puree in a saucepan by adding sugar, salt and pepper. Serve hot.

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