Benefits of Beta Carotene

 Benefits of Beta Carotene

What Is Beta Carotene?

Beta carotene has long been known as wonder foods occurring naturally.  Beta carotene offers a multitude of health benefitsWith enough beta carotene human body can have sufficient amount of immune booster. As per recent studies, b carotene is especially helpful among the elderly person to trigger up their immune system. Several researches have been conducted at Harvard Medical School, which has revealed that beta carotene can reduce the risk factor of various types of cancers such as prostate cancer in men. Outcome of the research indicates that there is a unique link in between cancer and beta carotene. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studies claims that regular consumption of beta carotene has managed to reduce the risk factors of heart disease as well.

Natural Sources of Beta Carotene

Basically beta carotene is a kind of pigment found in vegetables to give colour to them. Direct sources of beta carotene are derived from animal sources such as dairy fish and meat. Beta carotenes including other carotenoids are abundantly found in vegetables and fruits. Cantaloupe, winter squash and other green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are known to be the great store house of beta carotene. When these vegetables are consumed regularly they act as an antioxidant and ensure good skin health. Carrots and sweet potatoes are stellar sources. One sweet potato when baked provides 13,107 IU of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene whereas one cup of raw carrot juice provides 34,317 IU. The more intense a vegetables colour, more is the amount of beta carotene content. Best food source of beta carotene include pumpkin, squash, lettuce, cabbage and sweet potatoes.

Healthcare Benefits of Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is best known as a member of the carotenoid family. Important beta carotene benefits include protection from damage caused due to free radicals and reducing the anti-aging properties. Being water soluble by nature they are easily converted into vitamin A within body. Beta carotenoids in combination with other carotenoid and members of antioxidant networks such as vitamin E, vitamin C, the antioxidant enzymes and lipoic acid initiate the production of superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase.

Beta Carotene – Helps To Prevent Various Heath Disease

Primary b carotene benefits include taking care of your heart and protecting from various heart diseases. It has been seen that people with beta carotene rich diet have lower risk of heart disease. Beta carotene in combination of vitamin E helps in the reduction of oxidation of LDL-cholesterol, which eventually reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Beta Carotene – Cure Respiratory System Problems

People whose diets are rich in beta carotene along with vitamin C have lower risk of respiratory problems. Combination of both vitamins C along with beta carotene helps to increase the lung capacity and provide protection against breathing disorders including emphysema asthma and bronchitis.

Beta Carotene – Prevent Cancer And Reduces The Growth Of Carcinogenic Cells

Higher intake of beta carotene shows minimal risk of various type of cancer such as breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. One of the best weapon with which carotenoids fight against cancer causing cells is through their antioxidant capacity.

Beta Carotene – Induce High Immune System

Studies show that people who consume beta carotene rich diet remains healthy and have high immune system. Beta carotene helps to stimulate thymus gland i.e. one of your most important agent for immune protection. Function of the thymus gland is to stimulate your immune system and fight against infections and viruses. It also fights against cancer causing cells.

Beta Carotene – Protect Against Sun’s Harmful Rays

Beta carotene helps protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Beta carotene in combination with vitamin C helps to prevent harmful radiations from chemotherapy.

Beta Carotene – Recommended Among Diabetic Patients

As per medical research, people having deficiency of beta carotene are more prone towards diabetes. Except diabetes these people also suffers form impaired glucose tolerance.

Beta Carotene – Recommended Among Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Studies have shown that people with irregular or no consumption of beta carotene and vitamin C are more prone towards rheumatoid arthritis. Problems that are related with rheumatoid arthritis or RA are mostly linked with aging. Inflammation is one of the most common unwanted symptoms caused due to rheumatoid arthritis. These inflammations if not treated properly can lead to joint damage.

Beta Carotene – Other Health Benefits

Additional health benefits of beta carotene includes, prevention of oxidative damage caused due to strenuous exercise, recommended for the treatment for dry skin, psoriasis and eczema and proper level of beta carotene plays an essential role in the prevention of vision problems.


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